Mel Chin, Fundred Reserve (ribbon cutting ceremony), photo: Sarah Buckner

Photo: Fundred Reserve (ribbon cutting ceremony), Mel Chin, credit: Sarah Buckner

Fiscal Sponsorship provides nonprofit umbrella status to artists and artistic projects without a 501(c)3 ruling from IRS. As a fiscal sponsor, NPN can assist you with accessing support through formal granting systems and private philanthropy.

  • The NPN staff is happy to answer inquires and/or schedule a phone call with potential applicants for fiscal sponsorship.
  • An applicant must complete an application that gives an overview of their artistic project.
  • NPN seeks to sponsor artistic projects that are aligned with its mission and values.
  • Applications are reviewed by the staff and forwarded to the board of directors for approval.
  • Fiscal sponsorship agreements are in effect for one year and may be renewed annually.

As fiscal sponsor, NPN will:

  • practice Model A fiscal sponsorship (comprehensive)

  • receive 10% of the funds that goes through its accounts

  • accept tax-deductible contributions on behalf of the project

  • send acknowledgement letters to donors and funders

  • process check requests and pay vendors

  • provide financial statements

  • review grant proposals and final reports submitted under NPN’s name

  • provide grant writing coaching when possible

As a fiscally sponsored project, an artist and project leader will:

  • cultivate and manage relationships with donors

  • be responsible for generating income for their respective project

  • submit copies of grant proposals and final reports to NPN

  • follow NPN’s accounting procedures

  • review the financial reports received from NPN

For more information review a sample Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement:

Fiscal Year 2019 Impact


Program Support


Individuals benefited


Artists supported


Fiscally Sponsored Projects
Staff Contact

Cindy Landor
Fiscal Sponsorship Program Assistant
504.595.8008 ext. 711

If you are interested in fiscal sponsorship, please contact:

Cindy Landor
Fiscal Sponsorship Program Assistant
504.595.8008 ext. 711

Photo: The Music Box Roving Village, New Orleans Airlift, credit: Tod Seelie