Photo: We Don't Bow Down, Guardians of the Flame, Mardi Gras Indian Collective, credit: Zack Smith

Photo: We Don't Bow Down, Guardians of the Flame, Mardi Gras Indian Collective, credit: Zack Smith

Through its New Orleans-based programs, NPN has shared its mission, values, and visions with its local community and home for over two decades.

NPN supports a diverse group of artists, arts organizations, and initiatives in New Orleans to promote traditional and contemporary practices and ensure that all voices are included in conversations about art in our city.

NPN provides peer-to-peer exchanges, technical assistance, and financial-planning resources to arts organizations, and offers fiscal sponsorship to artists and artist collectives, giving access to grant funds and financial support that would otherwise be unavailable to individuals or emerging groups.

Let’s talk about sustainability and other ways NPN supports artists:

Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal Sponsorship provides nonprofit umbrella status, and financial and administrative services to artists and artist collectives. By managing fiscally sponsored projects, NPN offers artists the opportunity to gain experience with, and support through, formal granting systems and private philanthropy, so artists can continue to practice their art. NPN supports artistic practice across the U.S. and sponsors artists and projects operating beyond New Orleans.

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Community Placekeeping

Community Placekeeping is designed to support New Orleans-based artists, culture bearers and creatives. NPN hosts professional development workshops and trainings tailored to meet the specific needs of local practitioners.

Additionally, NPN offers networking opportunities and themed discussions to hold space for local artists and promote their artistic practices, maintaining a sense of community during these challenging and polarizing times.

Photo: Big Chief Brian Nelson, credit: Stephanie Atkins

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