RADIATE, Daniel Alexander Jones. Photo: Kelsey Davis

Photo: RADIATE, Daniel Alexander Jones, credit: Kelsey Davis

NPN believes that in order to create a just and sustainable world, communities need broad access to art and culture that reflects their own experiences and shares the experiences of others.

Annual Conference

Gathers artists, presenters and colleagues in a different city each year for a vibrant exchange of ideas.

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Artist Engagement Fund

Supports live experiential exchange between artists and communities through a network of cultural organizations.

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Creation & Development Fund

Funds the creation, development and mobility of new artistic work.

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Leveraging a Network for Equity (LANE)

Amplifies the leadership of arts organizations of color and rural organizations to build a thriving, justice-based field.

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Southern Regional Programs

Provides fiscal sponsorship and other services to a diverse group of cultural projects in New Orleans and beyond.

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