Operations/Administration Staff

Caitlin Strokosch
President & CEO

Steve Bailey
Chief Operating Officer
Contact for operations or financial issues
504-595-8008 ext 707

Addam Garrett 
Operations Manager
Contact for operations and general information
504-595-8008 ext 701

Stanlyn Brevé
Director of National Programs
Contact for contracts, agreements, and program detail
504-595-8008 ext 704

Alec De León
Program Specialist – National Programs
Contact for program and general information about NPN programs and Partners
504-595-8008 ext 709

Sage Crump
Program Specialist – LANE
Contact for information on LANE – Leveraging a Network for Equity
504-595-8008 ext 706

Orchid Robinson
Convenings Program Manager
Contact for information on convenings
504-595-8008 ext 714

Monica Tyran
Program Manager – LANE
Contact for information on LANE Cohort relations
504-595-8008 ext 710

Local Program Staff

Stephanie Atkins
Director of Local Programs
Contact for information about the Local Program, including fiscal sponsorship
504-595-8008 ext 702

The National Performance Network (NPN), affirms our policy to implement equal employment opportunities for all persons without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability or marital status. NPN shall comply with the requirements and objectives of state and national laws that are the basis for this policy.

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