Photo: What Shall We Do Next?, Julien Prévieux, credit: Lynn Lane

Photo: What Shall We Do Next?, Julien Prévieux, credit: Lynn Lane

NPN is a vibrant network of artists and organizations committed to advancing racial and cultural justice through the arts. We use the framework of a network because it better reflects our values of collaboration, self-determination, justice, and movement building.

Through a roster of programs that emphasize building relationships and reciprocity between individuals, institutions, and communities, NPN works to advance racial and cultural justice in the arts, build artists’ power, and foster systems change in arts and philanthropy.

We envision a world in which artists have greater power and resources for meaningful, sustainable careers; strong networks maximize their collective wisdom, resources, and leadership; cultural infrastructure reflects deeper partnerships and more equitable practices; and communities have greater opportunity and capacity for civic engagement, self-determination, representation, and joy.

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Photo: NPN Annual Conference in New Orleans, credit: Melisa Cardona