Photo: NPN Annual Conference 2013 in New Orleans, credit: Melisa Cardona

Photo: NPN Annual Conference 2013 in New Orleans, credit: Melisa Cardona

Cultivating long-term relationships and collaborations, NPN’s Annual Conference is a dynamic forum for artists, arts leaders, activists, organizers, funders and colleagues. All are welcome! The conference is held in a different city each year.

For more than 35 years, the Annual Conference has provided an opportunity to:

  • share insights,
  • celebrate creative work,
  • examine social justice and politics,
  • seek alternative models,
  • explore local communities,
  • and address the most critical issues of our time…

…all in an environment that welcomes participation, peer-to-peer exchange, challenging discourse, and joyful celebration.

At the conference, artists are integral to the meeting, and great care is taken to create a respectful and equitable atmosphere where their voices are heard. The Annual Conference directly addresses artist equity issues by subsidizing artists’ attendance, creating a platform where artists and presenters are equal participants, and by partnering with the local community.




⅓ each

NPN Partner Organizations, Local and National Artists, Colleagues


Artist scholarships
Staff Contact

Orchid Robinson
Convenings Program Manager
504.595.8008 ext 714

Annual Conference in New Orleans

December 10–13, 2019

Over 350 arts leaders from around the country are convening in New Orleans this week for plenaries, panels, workshops, performances, tours, and other cultural events. We hope you'll be joining us!

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Artwork: Katrina Andry, The Weeping Willows' Contrived Posture (detail), 2019.

Previous Conferences

  • 2018: Pittsburgh, PA

  • 2017: San Francisco, PA

  • 2016: Austin, TX

  • 2015: Portland, OR

  • 2014: Tulsa, OK

  • 2013: New Orleans, LA

  • 2012: Philadelphia, PA

  • 2011: Tampa, FL

  • 2010: Dallas, TX

  • 2009: Knoxville, TN

  • 2008: Seattle, WA

  • 2007: New Orleans, LA

  • 2006: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

  • 2005: Miami, FL

  • 2004: Los Angeles, CA

  • 2003: Chicago, IL

  • 2002: Washington, DC

  • 2001: Durham, NC

  • 2000: New Orleans, LA