NPN 2013 Annual Conference in New Orleans. Photo: Melisa Cardona

Photo: NPN Annual Conference 2013 in New Orleans, credit: Melisa Cardona

Cultivating long-term relationships and collaborations, NPN’s Annual Conference is a dynamic forum for artists, arts leaders, activists, organizers, funders and colleagues. All are welcome! The conference is held in a different city each year.

For more than 35 years, the Annual Conference has provided an opportunity to:

  • share insights,
  • celebrate creative work,
  • examine social justice and politics,
  • seek alternative models,
  • explore local communities,
  • and address the most critical issues of our time…

…all in an environment that welcomes participation, peer-to-peer exchange, challenging discourse, and joyful celebration.

At the conference, artists are integral to the meeting, and great care is taken to create a respectful and equitable atmosphere where their voices are heard. The Annual Conference directly addresses artist equity issues by subsidizing artists’ attendance, creating a platform where artists and presenters are equal participants, and by partnering with the local community.




⅓ each

NPN Partner organizations, local and national artists, other colleagues in the field


Artist scholarships
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Previous Conferences

  • 2023: Virtual

  • 2022: Virtual

  • 2019: New Orleans, LA

  • 2018: Pittsburgh, PA

  • 2017: San Francisco, PA

  • 2016: Austin, TX

  • 2015: Portland, OR

  • 2014: Tulsa, OK

  • 2013: New Orleans, LA

  • 2012: Philadelphia, PA

  • 2011: Tampa, FL

  • 2010: Dallas, TX

  • 2009: Knoxville, TN

  • 2008: Seattle, WA

  • 2007: New Orleans, LA

  • 2006: Cedar Rapids, IA

  • 2005: Miami, FL

  • 2004: Los Angeles, CA

  • 2003: Chicago, IL

  • 2002: Washington, DC

  • 2001: Durham, NC

  • 2000: New Orleans, LA