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House of Lux

House of Lux (2023) is a mutual aid play reminiscent of the care practices of the Black & Brown folk who raised us while weathering violent spatial conditions of american state globalization and urbanization events termed “Vietnam war… the crack era…. war on drugs…. war on crime…. AIDS epidemic…” The play is devised with community story bearers and translated by muthi reed in their avatar, wildin. We are reminiscing about past events for folx who survived it. We are weaving together the wisdoms of our survival.


  • it is for us to remember and tell stories of survival and be cared for in the telling.
  • the play is a spatial oral archive that makes resonant the complex divinity and dignity of our lives.


Shaped in community with kinfolk and neighbors’ archives, over the course of three years, we will roll out mutual aid còuture — quarterly goodie bags, play script, art; simulating the parables, dreams and stories of the community.

Reassembling Spaces

  • exhibition galleries, storefronts, kitchens, theaters, bookstores, radio airwaves, internet platforms, living rooms, outdoor walls, and open fields will become our portals for dreaming.
  • looking at archives within our family and kinfolk communities as the thing Toni Morrison named the source of self regard. The thing James Brown called attitude. And what Andaiye named neighborliness.
  • we are experimenting with growing strength through building cultural knowledge within the village.


The play and the making of it will channel a mix of legends, lies, lamentations, travel routes, recipes, remedies, libations, provisions, and conjures for getting free staying free. House of Lux intervention architects time through black ritual in the company of kinfolk.