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Birmingham Black Repertory Theatre Collective

The award-winning Birmingham Black Repertory Theatre Collective is a grassroots theatre incubator that operates as a collective of individuals invested in preserving a culture of Black theatre in the city of Birmingham. Our goal is to produce bodies of performance art by and for people across the African Diaspora in order to showcase and introduce Black artistic work to the city of Birmingham through staged readings, mainstage and black-box performances, and workshops with industry professionals. BBRTC has a continued laser focus on telling stories of people across the African diaspora who live in the margins and we are committed to hiring within those groups as well. These include, but are not limited to, Black women, Black queer people, and Black disabled people.

Read about their current project Marassa, a ritual and performance work inspired by the Haitian/Dominican divine loa twins the Marassa Jumeaux.

213 Gadsden Hwy Suite 108
Birmingham, Alabama
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