Mailing Address
National Performance Network/Visual Artists Network
P.O. Box 56698
New Orleans, LA 70156-6698

Street Address (for shipping or express mail)
National Performance Network/Visual Artists Network
1024 Elysian Fields Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70117
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Phone:  (504) 595-8008
Fax:  (504) 595-8006

Staff Extensions
202Stephanie Atkins, Director of Local Program
207Steve Bailey, Chief Operating Officer
204Stanlyn Brevé, Director of National Programs
213Steffani Clemons, Program Specialist – Local Program
206  Sage Crump, Program Manager, LANE
209Alec De León, Program Specialist – Visual Artists Network
210 Addam Garrett, Office Manager
214 Orchid Robinson, Program Assistant – Convenings, National Programs
205 Caitlin Strokosch, President & CEO
224  Monica Tyran, Program Assistant – LANE, National Programs
212 – Amanda Bankston, Communications + Development Manager

Elizabeth Doud, Program Coordinator, International Program
Bryan Graham, IT/Design
Kyoko Yoshida, Consultant, U.S.-Japan Connection
MK Wegmann, Research Fellow

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