All of NPN’s programs aim to build power for artists, arts leaders, organizations, and communities in ways that advance collective justice and liberation. NPN supports the creation, development, and presentation of artists’ work; advocates for greater economic and labor justice for artists; invests in artists facilitating social change in their communities; and serves as an intentional intermediary for artists, presenters, funders, and others to advance our field through collective and reciprocal practice.

Artists We’ve Supported


Our Awards page provides an overview of the artist projects we have supported over the years through our various funds and initiatives.

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Fiscally Sponsored Projects

Our Fiscal Sponsorship page lists artist projects we have supported by providing umbrella tax-exempt status so artists can access additional grants and private funding.

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How to Get Involved

NPN is designed as a network, rather than a membership structure. Our network includes a curated group of arts presenting organizations (known as our national Partners), NPN-funded artists, and our fiscally-sponsored projects, as well as colleagues and collaborators. There are several ways you can get involved if you’re an artist.

Attend our Events

Through our Annual Conference, we bring together hundreds of arts leaders and artists from around the country to connect with each other and find new opportunities to develop and collaborate. All are welcome! We also hold a variety of events throughout the year – from professional development workshops to arts happy hours to festival meet-ups. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified about upcoming events.

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Participate in Peer-to-Peer Development

For artists who have recently been supported through NPN National and Southern Programs, NPN provides additional support to participate in career development with other practicing artists.

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Access Financial and Other Support

NPN provides funding to hundreds of artists every year. Some of these artists are supported by our national Partner organizations, with NPN funds going directly to Partners to support artist fees. Other NPN programs provide financial support directly to eligible artists. The list below outlines these different approaches.

National Partner Programs

Artist Engagement Fund

Supports live experiential exchange between artists and communities.

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Creation & Development Fund

Funds the creation, development and presenting of new artistic work.

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Documentation & Storytelling Fund

Supports artists’ ability to document, promote, and share their work.

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Southern Regional Programs

NPN provides direct support to artists and culture bearers in Louisiana and other parts of the South, including funding, professional development, and capacity building.

Southern Artists for Social Change

Supports artists and culture bearers of color living, working, and engaging in social change in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

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Take Notice Fund

Supports artists of color living and working in Louisiana, providing funding to advance their artistic practices.

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Other Southern Initiatives

NPN regularly collaborates with other organizations to bring resources to artists in our region.

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Fiscal Sponsorship by NPN

Provides nonprofit umbrella status to artists and artistic projects without a 501(c)(3) ruling from the IRS. As a fiscal sponsor, NPN can assist you with accessing support through formal granting systems and private philanthropy.

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