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Creating New Futures

Creating New Futures is an arts worker-driven effort speaking to the dance and performance field in what is currently called the United States.

In Phase 1, a group of arts workers came together to create the “living document” Creating New Futures: Working Guidelines for Ethics & Equity in Presenting Dance & Performance, which attempts to frame principles and guidelines for conversations within the dance and performance field to shape our futures in light of the extraordinary chaos and disruption caused by COVID-19. The document addresses concerns regarding cancellations and what future work, funding, survival might look like. More pressingly, it looks beyond the present moment to address longstanding inequities, deficiencies, and power imbalances in the field.

Phase 2 is now emerging and is formed by working groups that include: Black and Indigenous Survivors group, Disability+ group, Intersectional Riders group, and Contracts/Force Majeure group with potential groups in discussion like the Natureculture Watershed group.

Ariel Lembeck

April Biggs

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