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Synamin Vixen

Synamin Vixen is a performing artist, community healer, and educator. She has more than 25 years of dance experience locally and internationally, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Black Studies and Dance Composition from Swarthmore College. She has been studying Afro-Diasporic herbal and traditional care practices, reiki, and sex doula work for the past 3 years. With a wide range of experiences, Synamin explores how all of these different artistic interests live in one body and influence each other.

Her choreography sparks conversations on identity and social memory. Much of Synamin’s work explores how individuals relate to and influence groups, and how our narratives on similar events can differ greatly based on our lived experiences. Her work in burlesque (on and off stage) focuses on how the body is a sensual site of transformative healing. In 2021, she released her first book of ancestral poetry entitled Daughter of a Nymph Divine. In 2022, she collaborated with her performance family Haus Contraire in residency at the Contemporary Art Center.

Synamin’s mission is to use movement to create a safe space for dialogue and change.