Fiscally Sponsored

Artist Corps New Orleans

Artist Corps CONNECTS New Orleans music education initiatives with local and national resources to build strong music programs with:

  • EMPOWERED Educators
  • EMBEDDED Artists and Culture Bearers
  • EQUIPPED School Leaders
  • ENGAGED Communities
  • EXCELLENT Opportunities for Young People

Artist Corps:

AFFIRMS that music is young people’s birthright, innovation is New Orleans’ legacy, and investing in the next generation is our shared responsibility.

COMMITS to establishing pathways to excellent, comprehensive, sequential music education for every young person in New Orleans.

HONORS New Orleans educators, artists, and culture bearers – valuing their expertise and amplifying their voices in developing strategy for advancing music education.

CELEBRATES the many dedicated schools, programs, cultural organizations, families, funders, resource providers and supporters that provide music education in New Orleans – and strives to coordinate efforts and focus resources to increase collaborative impact.

CENTERS equity and justice in our work, cultivating systemic opportunity that enables young people to engage in their cultural legacy and grow as musicians and as individuals.

MODELS a reflective practice that respects tradition, integrates diverse perspectives, fosters growth and embraces change.

2533 Columbus Street
New Orleans, Louisiana
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Phone 504-535-4402

Sonya Robinson
Managing Director

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