The Creation & Development Fund will be undergoing changes informed by NPN/VAN’s Strategic Planning process. The next NPN/VAN Creation & Development Fund deadline will be in May/June 2018. Projects that premiere after January 1, 2019 are eligible. Application deadline, guidelines, and applications will be posted in April. Please stay tuned.

The Creation & Development Fund contributes a minimum of $30,000 (including presentation subsidies) towards three phases of the creation, development, and touring of new work. In addition to monetary resources, the program structure ensures a minimum of a two-site tour, leverages new opportunities for artists, creates partnerships between artists and presenters, and validates the process of creation and development. The goals of the Creation & Development Fund are a) to encourage presenters to commission work, b) expand access to those who receive resources to create new work, c) encourage artists to identify what is needed to make their work stronger, d) reinforce the relationships between presenters and artists, and e) improve the overall production quality of work touring in the United States and abroad.

Phase I: Creation (minimum $13,000)
The project begins with an artist or company, at least two presenting organizations (called co-commissioners), one of which is an NPN/VAN Partner (the second does not have to be a NPN/VAN Partner), in different communities at least 100 miles apart, and a vision of a new work. Each commissioner agrees to contribute at least $2,000 towards the creation process and to present the work. NPN/VAN provides a $9,000 subsidy to match the other commissioners’ resources. In total the artist receives a minimum of $13,000 of unrestricted support towards the creation of the new work. Funds cover any stage of the creation process such as research and development, paying company members, travel, and rehearsals.

Phase II: Development ($10,000 + $5,000 Commissioner Match)
Artists and a co-commissioner (of the artist’s choosing) receive additional funds to offset managerial, artistic and technical costs towards the preparation of a work for touring. NPN/VAN intentionally distributes funds for the developmental phase of work between artists and co-commissioners to account for the real costs faced by commissioners in presenting new work. Each project receives a minimum of $10,000: artists receive $5,000, co-commissioner of the artist’s choosing receives $5,000, and the co-commissioner is required a to match NPN/VAN funds 1:1. Phase II is driven by the artist: the artist articulates their needs, brokers the relationships with the co-commissioner that can meet these needs, and submits a project plan.

Phase III: Artist Engagement Fund (up to $5,000 towards artist presentation fees)
Once the work is created, the co-commissioners have a three-year period within which they are required to present the work through the Artist Engagement Fund.

The NPN/VAN Creation & Development Fund is supported by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA).

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