Watch our 2022 Annual Conference Keynote Panels!

May 3, 2022  •  < 1 minute read

Thank you to all who attended our first-ever virtual conference. Your registration fees went directly to the artists who spoke, performed, or presented at the conference. In total, $35,000 in honoraria and artists fees were paid to artists.

All three keynote panels from our 2022 Annual Conference are now available to view!

The opening panel “How We Gather: Indigenous Guiding Principles” brought together Indigenous voices to talk about decolonizing and indigenizing our field

At our mid-conference keynote “Are You for Sale?” three artists talked about philanthropy and the ethical entanglements between money and artmaking

For the closing plenary “Space is the Place: BIPOC Ownership and an Uncompromised Future” speakers explored claiming space and what an uncompromised future looks like for communities of color.