Watch our 2023 Annual Conference Keynote Panels!

December 12, 2023  •  2 minute read

Nearly 400 attendees participated in our 2023 virtual conference. Registration fees went directly to the artists who spoke, performed, or presented at the conference, with more than $40,000 in honoraria and fees provided to artists.

All four keynote panels from our 2023 Annual Conference are now available to view!

Uncensored: Dissent, Democracy, and Defending Artists’ Freedom of Expression

Confronting this era of censorship, three cultural leaders discuss free speech and truth-telling; defending the spaces, streets, and stories that challenge us; and the relationship between power and voice.

Speakers for “Uncensored”

  • Tracie D. Hall, American Library Association
  • Ananya Chatterjea, Ananya Dance Theatre
  • Jorge Díaz Ortiz, AgitArte

Decolonizing Our Field

First Nations Performing Arts and accomplice partners explore how the arts sector can reckon with settler violence and transform institutions into places where Indigenous artists can thrive and lead.

Speakers for “Decolonizing Our Field”

  • Asia Freeman, Bunnell Street Arts Center
  • Felicia Garcia, Local Contexts
  • Kevin Holden, Emily Johnson/Catalyst
  • Emily Johnson, First Nations Performing Arts
  • Ronee Penoi, First Nations Performing Arts
  • Adele Person, Bunnell Street Arts Center
  • Bill Rausch, Perelman Performing Arts Center
  • Vanessa Smith, ENRICH

A Dialectic for Our Times

Dialectics is a method of philosophical argument that involves some sort of contradictory process between opposing sides.

This is a discussion with three Black women whose contributions to the causes of abolition, justice, and liberation have impacted and will impact generations. They are all also authors, filmmakers, and visual and performance artists.

Speakers for “A Dialectic for Our Times”

  • adrienne maree brown
  • kai barrow, Gallery of the Streets
  • Charlene A. Carruthers
  • Hosted by: Sage Crump, National Performance Network


What does our liberatory future look like? What are we carrying forward and what are we letting go? Three NPN board members reflect on what we’ve learned throughout the conference, where we go from here, and what is needed to build a just and joyful future together.

Speakers for “Onward!”

  • Stephanie McKee-Anderson, Junebug Productions
  • Marlène Ramírez-Cancio, EMERGENYC, Brooklyn Arts Exchange
  • Harold Steward, The Theater Offensive