Bingo! Episode 4: Carpetbag and Pangea

July 27, 2020  •  2 minute read

Part 4 of LANE’s cohort interview series “Bingo! How Lived Experience Informs Learning”

In the six-part series “Bingo! How Lived Experience Informs Learning”LANE cohort organizations come together to interview each other and share reflections on using their lived experiences to move through learning.

In Episode 4, the Carpetbag Theatre of Knoxville, Tennessee, sits down with Pangea World Theater of Minneapolis, Minnesota. They discuss:

  • what LANE brought to them and what they brought to LANE
  • being entrusted with the organization that taught you what art is
  • and how art education programs can be opportunities for the village to raise our children.


From the Carpetbag Theatre
Linda Parris-Bailey, Executive/Artistic Director (now Emeritus)
Jonathan Clark, Incoming Executive/Artistic Director

From Pangea
Meena Natarajan, Artistic/Executive Director
Dipankar Mukherjee, Co-Artistic Director and Ensemble Member
Adlyn Carreras, Office Manager and Ensemble Member
Anh Pham, Board Member

Now we’re dedicated to making sure that our young people are in touch and in communication with theater professionals and arts professionals in this field so that they have the opportunity to see what it looks like to be stressed out, to see what it feels like to need six cups of coffee a day, to understand that this is the kind of life that you’re going to look forward to but also so much of a reward that you can still look forward to those things.

–Jonathan Clark, the Carpetbag Theatre

What LANE really brought was a structure for learning, which was amazing, having so many cohort members to avail of. . . It’s also been huge to just dream of possibilities in the future, to dream of what we can do together. You can also sit in your rooms and raise the money and do what you need to do, and the infusion of capital is amazing—at the same time, having your peers to constantly talk to as you work, and exchange ideas with and brainstorm with, just makes you feel like you’re not alone in the world.

–Meena Natarajan, Pangea World Theater

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