LANE Cohort / National Partner

The Carpetbag Theatre, Inc.

The Carpetbag Theatre (CBT) is an African American Legacy Theater with a rich history of service to diverse populations. As an intergenerational company, our efforts to engage communities of color and other disenfranchised communities have been constant. An ensemble company both artistically and administratively, CBT works collaboratively to fulfill our mission, to build communities and to develop social capital, emphasizing inclusion and cross-cultural dialogue. “finding voice” is not simply storytelling; it reveals an individual’s power to make change in their own life and the lives of their community. Our curatorial practice is rooted in these principles, selecting work that exemplifies an aesthetic that is inclusive and meets our standard of excellence.

1323 N. Broadway
Knoxville, Tennessee
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Phone 865-544-0447

Jonathan Clark
Executive/Artistic Director