LANE Cohort / National Partner

Pangea World Theater

Pangea World Theater illuminates the human condition, celebrates cultural differences and promotes human rights by creating and presenting international, multi-disciplinary theater. Pangea constitutes a vital new force in American theater, bringing an international perspective to the Twin Cities’ community. Since its founding in 1995, Pangea has been dedicated to the production and presentation of work that brings together people from different backgrounds and ethnicities, and the contextualization of work by artists from all backgrounds for a multiracial audience. Our theater works, drawn from multiple sources and multiple traditions, have always challenged dominant European-American paradigms and definitions of theater. As we create work that is truly inclusive in its scope and artistic aesthetic, we are also developing a critical language to describe our work. We are engaged in work that involves a cross-cultural perspective, illuminating issues of social justice and human rights.

The artistic and literary directors select the artists we present. members of the ensemble and staff make recommendations. In addition, we have created a community committee that helps with audience development. The selection process is ongoing. We prefer to see live work but documentation is also considered. Our aesthetic is not fixed; it includes the voices and artistic visions of multiple voices and realities.