Save the Date for NPN’s 2022 Conference!

July 20, 2021  •  2 minute read

NPN Annual Conference: Virtual Jan 26–Feb 1 2022

Save the date for the National Performance Network’s virtual conference Jan 26–Feb 1, 2022!

Join artists, arts presenters, activists, funders, organizers, and more as we reimagine a more just and equitable field together. NPN’s conference is an opportunity to collectively build our learning and practice to build artists’ power and advance racial and cultural justice in the arts. 

To allow space to reflect and recharge away from our screens, the conference will be spread out over a week: January 26–27 and January 31–February 1, 2022.

Registration opens in December 2021. All are welcome!

What should I expect?

Like NPN’s in-person events, our 2022 conference will include conversations that ground our work in social justice movements in and beyond the arts, peer-to-peer learning among practitioners in our field, and opportunities for artists to share their work and ideas. While our in-person conferences focus on a specific city, our virtual conference will expand to include artists and cultural leaders across the US as well as international arts presenters.

Throughout the past year, NPN has been working with Claudia Alick, intersectional inclusion consultant and founder of Calling up Justice, to center disability justice and community wellbeing in our work. Our virtual conference will be an opportunity for us to share what we are learning and to put it into practice.

Why virtual?

Due to ongoing health and safety concerns, the financial distress many artists and arts organizations are facing, and the demands an in-person conference would place on a local host community, our 2022 conference will be fully virtual. We are excited to present a conference with fewer geographic, financial, and access barriers, allowing more of our community to attend.

The schedule of events and registration will be announced in December 2021. For questions, please email