By Samuel Valdez

What is a man?

An Excerpt from the Play 
And He Became Man  by Samuel Valdez

"Just keep listening and you will catch on little by little. And if you already understand what I'm saying, well, you’re better off than the rest.”

Actor, playwright, and director Samuel Valdez performs the opening monologue from his play And He Became Man.

Samuel Valdez
Samuel Valdez

Samuel Valdez is an actor, playwright, director, and producer who has worked with several groups around San Diego such as Sledgehammer Theater, Chronos Theater, Los Amigos del REP, and currently his own binational performing arts company CARPA San Diego. He has served previously on the National Performance Network board and currently on the Alternate Roots Executive Committee. He was awarded the 2016 Ashley Walker Social Justice award from the City of San Diego for his community theater work and received the 2021 NALAC Border Narrative Change grant.