Papel Machete

On the Eve of Abolition:

Papel Machete imagines the last day of the last prison


On the Eve of Abolition work-in-progress presentation.

Created by Papel Machete, featuring Deborah Hunt, Sugeily Rodriguez Lebrón, Joe Therrien, and with special thanks to the rest of the production team: José “Primo” Hernández, Juan Carlos Dávila, Juan Ruiz Robles, and Jorge Díaz Ortiz. This video was created as a presentation of work in progress and requests for non-monetary support for the 2021 Creative Capital retreat.

Image of a street protest, three femmes stand in the foreground all wearing black: the light skinned femme on the right holds up a red flag; in the middle of the image a light brown skinned femme holds up a painted sign with the black and white Puerto Rican resistance flag; and a light brown skinned femme on the left holds up a painted sign that says "Pa'l Carajo La Junta" (Fuck the Fiscal Control Board). Behind these three figures many protestors hold up signs and colorful umbrellas. Three Papel Machete band members play the drums in the background. The sky is bright blue and there are a few clouds in the sky.
Papel Machete at Paro Nacional (National Strike) in San Juan, PR, in July 2019. Photo: Erin Sheridan

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