Performing Americas Program

May 1, 2016  •  2 minute read

The Performing Americas Program (PAP) is a partnership between the National Performance Network and La RED (Red de Promotores Culturales de Latinoamerica y el Caribe), which has created a structure for the systematic exchange of contemporary performing arts touring in this hemisphere through residencies that provide opportunities for artist-to-community engagement. The Creative Exchange has two components:  Residencies and Mobility travel.   The Creative Exchange two-to-five-week residencies are flexible and support work that can range from educational activities and creative research to setting a work on a host company or technical skills workshops. To support research and project planning, an additional component was added. The Creative Exchange Mobility awards aim to provide support for artists and hosts who wish to meet face-to-face with potential partners in the design of a future exchange project, i.e. Creative Exchange Residencies, touring, or collaborations. This subsidy supports travel only, with a maximum of $1,000 per award, and is not intended as residency or touring support. NPN/VAN is happy to announce 11 Creative Exchange awards to international performing arts exchanges as part of the Network’s International Program.  The Creative Exchange is a component of NPN/VAN’s Performing Americas Program, and supports extended residencies and exploratory travel for performing artists, curators and designers throughout the hemisphere.  These projects occur between artists and hosts in the Caribbean, Latin America and the United States with a focus on equitable exchange that fosters creation of new performance work, research, learning of new methodologies and a wide range of skill building. Now in its 10th year, this exchange program has impacted arts professionals and organizations all over the continent from Argentina to Oregon.  So far, we have awarded support for 55 artist projects taking place at 47 different host sites, and we are pleased to add the following projects to this list of deeply impactful efforts by artists and organizers working across borders.

Awards for PAP Creative Exchange 2016-17


Host Artist Discipline
La Peña Cultural Center (Berkeley, CA) Manuel Román and Manuel Solomón of Rabinal Achi Culture Bearer (Baja Verapaz, Guatemala) Multi-hybrid Ceremonial Theater
MECA (Houston, TX) Ce Acatl and Topiltzin Borsegui (Jalisco, Mexico) Music
Monarcas Group (Huehuetenango, Guatemala) Lorena Moran of Teatro Jornalero Sin Fronteras (Los Angeles, CA) Theater
Mujeres en las Artes (Tegucigalpa, Honduras) Lucia Aratanha and Dinorah Jesus Rodriguez (Miami, FL) Multi-hybrid
Nomades Grupo de Dança (Goiania, Brazil) Nejla Yatkin (Chicago, IL) Dance/film
T de Teatro (Bogotá, Colombia) Tina Mitchell and Helen Lee (New York City, NY Theater


Host Artist/Curator Discipline
Laboratorio: Condensacion (México City, Mexico) Barbara Bryan of Movement Research (New York City, NY) Dance
Haiti DanceCO Jacmel | Dance to Save our Lives (Jacmel, Haiti) Marie Casimir of Links Hall (Chicago, IL) Dance
Matik-Matik (Bogota, Colombia) Chris Cogburn of No Idea Festival (Austin, TX) Music
Paramo (Guadalajara, Mexico) Rachel Cook of Diverse Works (Houston, TX Multi-Disciplinary
Cuban Institute of Music (Havana, Cuba) Diallo Sumbry of The Adinkra Group (Mt. Rainer, Maryland) Music

Creative Exchange awards from prior years  Funding for the Performing Americas Program is provided by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.