Creative Exchange Awards
from Prior Years

The Creative Exchange program funds international artists’ residencies, of three to five-weeks, to develop creative work with host organizations abroad.  Projects are required to take place in the United States, the Caribbean or Latin America, and are open to independent artists across the hemisphere.  The Creative Exchange is a program of NPN’s Performing Americas Program and its partner from Latin America and the Caribbean, La RED (Red de Promotores Culturales de Latinoamerica y el Caribe).

2015-16 Creative Exchange Awards

In FY16 six projects were awarded residency subsidies and four
received mobility awards:

Residencies 2015-2016

Host: Centro de Investigación Coreográfica (Mexico City (DF), Mexico)
Artist: Antonio Ramos via Movement Research (Brooklyn, NY)

Host: Fusebox (Austin, TX)
Artist: Luis Garay (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Host: Homem Cia. de Dança (Vitoria, Espirtu Santo, Brazil)
Artist: Augusto Soledade (Miami, FL)

Host: MCA Chicago (Chicago, IL)
Artist: Teatro Linea de Sombra (Mexico City, Mexico)

Host: Paço de Frevo (Recife, Brazil)
Artist: LaDaMa (New Orleans, LA)

Host: Plataformance/ZOT (São Paulo, Brazil)
Artist: Marilyn Arsem

Host: The Public Theater (New York City, NY)
Artist: Jose Lopez Velarde/La Teatreria (Mexico City, Mexico)

Host: Quinta Dominica (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)
Artist: Charo Oquet (Miami, FL)

Host: RED del Caribe (Barranquilla, Colombia)
Artist: Bistoury, Inc. (Miami, FL)

Mobility Awards 2015-2016

Host: Mujeres en las Artes (Tegucigalpa, Honduras)
Artist/Curator: Lucia Aratanha (Miami, FL)

Host: Programa Feminista La Corriente (Managua, Nicaragua)
Artist/Curator: Dinorah Rodriguez, (Miami, FL)

2014-15 Creative Exchange Residency Awards

In FY15 six projects were awarded residency subsidies and four received mobility awards

Artists from Latin America/Caribbean with U.S. Hosts

Host: Miami Light Project (Miami, FL)
Artist: Golpe Seko (Santiago, Cuba)
Discipline: Music

Host: The Play Company (Brooklyn, NY) and Yale University (New Haven, CT)
Artist: Guillermo Calderon (Santiago, Chile)
Discipline: Theatre

Artists from U.S. with Latin American/Caribbean Hosts

Host: Antonius Roberts Studio and Gallery at the Hillside House (Nassau, Bahamas)
Artist: Alexis Caputo (Miami, FL)
Discipline: Spoken Word, Theatre

Host: RED de Artistas del Caribe (Baranquilla, Colombia)
Artist: Bistoury, Inc. (Miami, FL)
Discipline: Dance, Media Arts

Host: Hotel Oloffson/FOKAL (Port au Prince, Haiti)
Artist: Jean Appolon Expressions (Boston, MA)
Discipline: Dance

Host: LindaLinda (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Artist: Pig Iron Theatre (Philadelphia, PA)
Discipline: Theatre

Host: Teatro Luis Poma (San Salvador, El Salvador)
Artist: Sandglass Theater (Putney, VT)
Discipline: Puppetry, Theatre

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2014-15 Creative Exchange Mobility Awards

Host: Pedry Roxana/El Mejunje (Santa Clara, Cuba)
Artist/Curator: Nick Bazo, The Theater Offensive (Boston, MA)
Discipline: Performance/GLBTQ Activism

Host: Mirella Carbone/La Escuela de Danza Contemporánea de la PUCP (Lima, Peru)
Artist/Curator: Ivonne Batanero (Miami, FL)
Discipline: Dance

Host: Teatro Linea de Sombra (D.F., Mexico)
Artist/Curator: Ruth Wikler-Luker (Portland, OR)
Discipline: Theatre, Digital History Project

Host: Eunide Edouarin (Port au Prince, Haiti)
Artist/Curator: Regine Roumain/Haiti Cultural Exchange (Brooklyn, NY)
Discipline: Music

For the FY15 grant cycle, NPN worked in partnership with the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs to provide matching funds for projects involving artists based in Miami-Dade County or host sites located in Miami-Dade County.

In FY15, funding for the Performing Americas Program was provided by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation and, for Miami-Dade County artists and arts organizations, the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs.

2013-2014 Creative Exchange Projects

NPN/U.S. Hosts

Host: La Peña Cultural Center (Berkeley, CA)
Artist: Patricio Hidalgo Bell and Felix Jose Oseguera Rueda (Veracruz, Mexico)
Discipline: Music
Description: These master son jarocho (regional Mexican folk music) artists from Veracruz and local sonero artists from the Bay Area will work collectively to create a new urban fandango in the son jarocho tradition. The project will reflect the life and culture of the East Bay immigrant communities that gather at La Peña Cultural Center as an artistic hub to maintain and recreate this form of popular aesthetic expression.

Host: REDCAT (Los Angeles, CA)
Artists: Claudio Valdés Kuri and Fabrina Melón, Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes (Mexico City, Mexico)
Discipline:  Theatre
Description:  The artists will explore the theatrical dynamics and develop specific technical sections of their upcoming production based on Cálderon’s Life is a Dream. They will also participate in the RADAR L.A. Festival Symposium and other festival activities while in residence in Los Angeles at the Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater.

Host: South El Montes Art Posse (SEMAP) (El Monte, CA)
Artists: Diego Flores Magon and Froylan Vladimir (Mexico City, Mexico)
Discipline:  Interdisciplinary
Description:  Working collaboratively with museum, archive, and journalism professionals from La Casa de El Hijo del Ahuizote in Mexico City, SEMAP will host a series of interdisciplinary workshops to create an alternative archive via exploration of their site-specific process for creating public art that reflects their community.

La RED/Latin American & Caribbean Hosts

Host: Companhia de Danças de Diadema (Diadema, São Paulo, Brazil)
Artists: Bill Young and Colleen Thomas (New York, NY)
Discipline:  Dance
Description:  The artists will teach classes, rehearse daily with all the dancers of the Co. de Danças de Diadema, and complete a new work for the company to perform and tour. This project is an extension of a previous PAP touring residency with the artists.

Host: Guatemalan Theater Company iiK; (Guatemala City, Guatemala)
Artist: Lorena Moran – Teatro Jornalero Sin Fronteras (TJSF) (Los Angeles, CA)
Discipline:  Theatre
Description:  TJSF will work with iiK to share and develop ensemble-based working methods, exchange script writing and improvisation techniques. They will use their combined skills to engage the community of Guatemalans who have immigrated to L.A., worked as day laborers or domestic workers, and have been deported back to Guatemala. They will collect stories from this community and create a work to be performed for these communities on both sides of the border.

Host: Teatro Luis Poma  (San Salvador, El Salvador)
Artist: Sandglass Theater (Putney, VT)
Discipline:  Theatre/Puppetry
Description:  This residency will focus on the early stages of the collaborative, cross-cultural production of Lessing’s Nathan the Wise. Written in 1779 in Germany, the text is a fervent plea for religious tolerance. This process will develop the script and distill the main characters. The final work will be a theatrical production using puppetry.

In FY14 funding for the Performing Americas Program was provided by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation and, for Miami-Dade County artists and arts organizations, the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs.

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2012-2013 Creative Exchange Projects

NPN/U.S. Hosts

Host:  Double Edge Theatre (Ashfield, MA)
Artists:  Jorge Onofri (Cipoletti, Argentina)
Discipline:  Theatre/Puppetry
Project:  Double Edge will host Argentine puppet designer/director Jorge Onofri (La Caja Magica) at The Farm – DE’s rural/ international center for performance, collaboration and research in western Massachusetts.  This three-week visit will be the 2nd phase of a multi-year collaboration between Onofri and Double Edge, the first of which was funded by NPN’s Creative Exchange in 2011.

Host:  El Centro Su Teatro (Denver, CO)
Artist:  Grupo Cultural Zero (Cuernavaca, Mexico)
Discipline:  Theatre/Spoken Word
Project:  Lalo Lopez will conduct a four-week residency with NPN Partner Su Teatro where he will transmit knowledge and skills related to Mexican popular performance (the foundation of Teatro Chicano) and provide free community performances in Denver.  The residency will also allow planning time for a long-term exchange with Su Teatro staff.

Host:  Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (Portland, OR)
Artist:  Mariano Pensotti (Buenos Aires, Aregentina)
Discipline:  Theatre
Project:  Pensotti will spend three weeks in Portland with NPN Partner PICA to develop the work “I Sometimes Think, I Can See You,” a site-specific performance involving local Portland writers, for the TBA 2013 Festival. Pensotti will offer workshops for local artists and students about creating site-responsive performance. During his residency, Pensotti will present at PICA’s Resource Room an informal lecture about his work.

La RED / Latin American & Caribbean Hosts

Host:  Centro Cultural Universitario de Tlatelolco (D.F., Mexico)
Artist:  Chris Cogburn (Austin, TX)
Discipline:  Electronic Music
Project:  The Unidad de Vinculación Artística (UVA) will host Chris Cogburn for five weeks as part of Cerro de Arena, a contemporary art festival. In addition to his festival participation, Cogburn will teach public workshops alongside Mexico City sound and visual artists.  He will also take the opportunity to conduct research on contemporary trends in Mexico City sound art with the intention of curating for his No Idea Festival 2013-2014 in Austin, Texas.

Host: Instituto Municipal de Arte y Cultura de Mexicali (Mexicali, Mexico)
Artist:  Rebeca Hernandez (Los Angeles, CA)
Discipline:  Dance/Performance
Project:  Based at the Municipal Institute of Art and Culture of Mexicali, Hernandez will create a new work, “Jaripeo Cabaret,” a site-specific collaborative performance that brings together Jaripeo (Mexican Rodeo) with performance art and dance. This three-week collaboration will combine the forces of Los Angeles-based artists, the Mexicali performance art collective Fundacion Wanna Winni, and local jinetes (rodeo horsemen).

Host:  Teatro del Milenio (Lima, Peru)
Artist:  Cedric Thomas & Rose Cano (Seattle, WA)
Discipline:  Multidisciplinary
Project:  This three-week residency is a continuation of ongoing collaborative work between Teatro Del Milenio and the ConeXion Africana of Seattle, WA, to create a bilingual musical work entitled “Callejon.” The work will feature bi-lingual texts in Spanish and English and focus on the relationship between Peru and the United States. The piece will be written, staged and presented as a work-in-progress by the U.S. collaborators and the cast of Teatro del Milenio in the company’s theater, and, in its first phase, at bilingual schools in Lima.

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2011-12 Creative Exchange Projects

In December 2010, Creative Exchange guidelines and applications for hosting extended residencies were sent (in English and Spanish) to all NPN and La Red members, as well as to other organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean that had been recommended for participation in the project.

In January 2011, a City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs peer review panel reviewed all Los Angeles-based applications and made recommendations to the NPN staff. In New Orleans in April, all other project applications were reviewed by a panel consisting of NPN Partners and La Red members, as well as NPN staff.

The panels made the following awards for the 2011-2012 Performing Americas Creative Exchange program.

The Cultural Affairs Office of the City of Los Angeles is a partner in the Cultural Exchange Program.

NPN/U.S. Hosts

Host Artist Project Summary
Bates Dance Festival (Lewiston, ME) Tatiana Mejia (Santo Domingo, Dominican Repubic) Discipline: Dance
Artist attendance at the Bates Dance Festival, with participation in workshops and creation of a work in progress showing.
Goat in the Road Productions (New Orleans, LA) Teatro Artzenico (Quetzaltenango, Guatemala) Discipline: Theatre
Artzenico travels to New Orleans to participate in summer theater activities with Goat in the Road and other New Orleans based artists.
Museum of Contemporary Art
(Chicago, IL)
Flora Lauten, Teatro Buen Dia (Havana, Cuba) Discipline: Theatre
Members of Teatro Buen Dia of Cuba will be in residence at Museum of Contemporary Art setting a work on theater students and professional artists.
Skirball Center
(Los Angeles, CA)
Michel Groisman (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Discipline: Performance Art
Michel Groisman will be in residence at the Skirball making demonstrations and developing teaching methods with Noah’s Ark Educational staff.

La RED / Latin American & Caribbean Hosts

Host Artist Project Summary
Consejo Artistico (San Juan, Puerto Rico) Fiona Templeton (New York City) Discipline: Site-specific Performance
Templeton will travel to Puerto Rico to create outdoor site specific project.
Teatro La Caja Magica (Cipolleti, Argentina) Double Edge Theater (Ashfield, MA) Discipline: Theatre
Double Edge Theater will be in residence in Cipolleti with Teatro La Caja Magica, creating work in collaboration as sister companies.
Teatro La Cochera (Cordoba, Argentina) Lorrie Snyder (Los Angeles, CA) Discipline: Technical Theater
Snyder will develop a technical theater course to teach at the University in Cordoba, Argentina, as well as to local theatres.

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2010-2011 Creative Exchange Projects

For the 10-11 funding cycle, PAP was proud to be able to support nine projects (see below) and to expand resources for this support through partnerships with the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, and the University of Mexico (UNAM) Division of Dance. These partnerships have allowed the program to fund more projects and provide more support for artists and residency hosts.

NPN/U.S. Hosts

Host Artist Project Summary
Bates Dance Festival (Lewiston, Maine) Delphos dance company members (Mazatlan, Mexico) Bates Dance Festival will host two members of Delphos dance company during their summer dance festival as part of creative and educational residency exchange. Company members will have creative time, and will also teach as part of their stay.
The Flynn Center (Burlington, Vermont) Muhammad Muwakil (Trinidad-Tobago) The host will create a residency which builds on community interest in spoken word and international exchange by working with poet and spoken work performer Muhammad Muwakil, in collaboration with local poets and students connected with local Caribbean Institute.
La Peña
(Berkeley, CA)
Rubí Oseguera Rueda (Veracruz, Mexico) La Peña will create intensive workshops in traditional Son Jarocho dance, using master teachers of the zapateado, and solidify connections with Veracruz artists.
Outpost for Contemporary Art
(Los Angeles, CA)
Octavio Camargo (Curitiba, Brazil) OCA will host the creation and processing of performatic ‘live memory’ broadcasts through workshops with local L.A. participants/artists; songwriters, storytellers and poets.
South Dallas Cultural Center (Dallas, TX) Nem Brito (Bahia, Brazil) South Dallas Cultural Center will partner with Dance for the Planet Program to create a residency with Brazilian choreographer Nem Brito to set a work on students/company members involved.

La RED / Latin American & Caribbean Hosts

Host Artist Project Summary
University of the West Indies Department of Creative and Festival Arts
Marie Kellier (Los Angeles, CA) Artist will research the historical and contemporary manifestations of carnival and festival artis in Trinidad, West Indies, creating an exchange between Los Angeles’ carnival celebrations and Trinidadian contemporary carnival.
Ekol Bazilo (Port-au-Prince, Haiti) Jan Sebon (Miami, FL) Artist Jan Sebon will teach traditional Haitian songs and drumming to students at Ekol Bazilo. He will give intensive workshops and also have creative time to work on his own songwriting.
Grupo de teatro Artzénico (Quetzaltenango, Guatamala) Goat in the Road Productions (New Orleans, LA) U.S. based GRP will partner with Artzénico to create new work, give workshops and support each others’ goal and vision of touring their companies’ work internationally. Specifically, GRP will share teaching methodology with host.
Humanizarte (Quito, Ecuador) Stephanie Sherman (Brookline, MA) Humanizarte will host the Choreographer in a month long intensive for Ecuatorian dancers, giving technique classes as well as setting a new work on a select group.

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2009-2010 Creative Exchange Projects

Host Organization Artist Location of Residency Residency Objectives
Escuela de Arte y Talentos John Malpede / Los Angeles Poverty Dept. (Los Angeles, CA) Cochabamba, Bolivia Assemble and rehearse company locally for Spanish version of LAPD’s work Agents and Assets
Teatro Luna Blou Teo Castellanos (Miami, FL) Otrabanda, Curacao Teaching and coaching spoken work performance to local artists and youth
Mujeres en Las Artes Jennylin Duany (Miami, FL) Tegucigalpa, Honduras Work with women’s collective and other local artists to give theater and composition workshops
The Dept. of Creative and Festival Arts – University of the West Indies Idris Ackamoor and Rhodessa Jones (San Francisco, CA) Trinidad-Tobago Give workshops to theater students and work with techniques of creative story making at the University of the West Indies and in the community
Consejo Artístico de Puerto Rico Kent de Spain (Austin, Texas) San Juan, Puerto Rico Impart dance and performance workshops to university students and professionals in San Juan
Asociacao Mix Brasil Susan Simpson (Los Angeles, CA) Sao Paulo, Brazil Teach workshops in the creation of miniature multimedia performances to film students during Mix Brasil festival in Sao Paulo
PICA Diana Szeinblum (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Portland, Oregon Offer composition and movement workshops to Portland professionals and students, and develop new work
REDCAT Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes (Mexico City, Mexico) Los Angeles, California Creative artist residency and public workshop series in collaboration with FITLA

Photo credit: Idris Ackamoor. Cultural Odyssey’s work with the Department of Creative and Festival Arts at the University of the West Indies builds on prior visits to the islands.

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Funding for the Performing Americas Program is provided by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation and, for Los Angeles artists and arts organizations, the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs.

January 14, 2011 a DCA peer review panel will review all Los

Angeles based applications and make recommendations to the NPN staff.

March 15, all other projects will be reviewed by a panel consisting of

NPN and La Red members as well al NPN staff.

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