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Welcome to the resources page for Mixed Metaphor: A Hybrid Approach Toward Liberatory Infrastructure for Arts & Culture Organizations. This webpage shares the media links from Mixed Metaphor in the sequential order in which they are found in the workbook.

As an initiative based in the cultural sector, Leveraging a Network for Equity (LANE) engaged all of our senses during our knowledge- and infrastructure-building process. We drew pictures, used our bodies, read, made things with our hands, discussed, wrote poems, danced, created playlists, and sang as ways to embody and activate our learning journey.

To invite you into this full-body praxis, the clickable hyperlinks on this page will connect you to various types of media to watch, listen, sing with, and move to. Enjoy.

Mixed Metaphor is a workbook for people who care about co-creating equitable and liberated arts leadership and organizations. Return to the Mixed Metaphor workbook. You can sign up for updates and opportunities to connect more deeply.

Learn more about the LANE initiative.

Chapter 1A Blessing and a Welcome

The LANE Journey: Easin’ on Down the Road Home

Chapter 2Cultivating the LANE Ecosystem

  • Bringing Black Back

    Junebug Productions


  • Our Space

    Su Teatro Cultural and Performing Arts Center


  • Bingo! How Lived Experience Informs Learning: Episode #4

    Linda Parris-Bailey and Jonathan Clark of The Carpetbag Theatre, Inc. and Meena Natarajan, Dipankar Mukherjee, Adlyn Carreras, and Anh-Thu Pham, of Pangea World Theater


  • Liberation Through Love and Rage

    Southsea Sangha and Lama Rod


Chapter 3Cornerstones to Guide Us

  • Cultural Wellness Playlist

    Native Governance Center


  • LANE’s Black August Calendar

    Writing and other co-creation from Sara Carminati, Alleyha Dannett, Stephanie DeWolfe, and Bryan Graham, Big Tada, Inc.

    Political Education Calendar


  • Complex Adaptive Leadership: Embracing Paradox and Uncertainty

    Nick Oblensky


  • LANE’s TACtile Podcast: The Cornerstones Series – Emergence with adrienne maree brown

    Sage Crump & adrienne maree brown


  • Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds

    adrienne maree brown


  • Building a Stronger ALAANA [African, Latinx, Arab, Asian, and Native American] Arts Community: Keeping an Eye on Systems,

    Janet Brown and Angelique Power, GIAReader


Racial Justice & Cultural Equity

Design Justice

Chapter 4The Sacred Seven: An Invitation to What’s Possible




  • Sucession

    The Carpetbag Theatre, Inc.


  • Emotions, Resilience, & Courageous Conversation

    Elissa Sloan Perry (adapted from Marshall Ganz).


  • LANE’s TACtile Podcast: Transformation is Necessary

    Sage Crump and LANE Alpha Cohort


  • LANE’s TACtile Podcast: The Nonlinear Nature of Change

    Merri Anne Osborne and Nina Yarbrough, of Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas


  • Bingo! How Lived Experience Informs Learning: Episode #1

    Nina Yarbrough and Merri Ann Osborne, of Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas, and Evelyn Francis and Harold Steward, of The Theater Offensive



  • Courage

    Studio Thalo ​(Olivia Levins Holden, Nell Pierce, Donald Thomas)

    Graphic Recording

  • Coming Back After Our Third Near-Death Experience

    Junebug Productions


  • Naming Our Conditions (Headlines from 2030)

    Brandon Black, Drawnversation

    Graphic Recording

  • Organizers in Space: What Movement Organizing & Space Exploration Can Learn From One Another

    adrienne maree brown and Autumn Brown


  • Bingo! How Lived Experience Informs Learning: Episode #3

    Damia Khanboubi, of Junebug Productions, and Tara Dalbo and Natalia Neira Retamal, of La Peña Cultural Center


Organizational Culture & Power

  • Free to Be Honest

    Studio Thalo ​(Olivia Levins Holden, Nell Pierce, Donald Thomas)

    Graphic Recording

  • Timeless Cultural Roots and Rebirth

    Hayti Heritage Center


  • A Home To All

    Natalia Neira Retamal and Bianca Torres, La Peña Cultural Center


  • LANE’s TACtile Podcast: Creating Secular Social Space in the Rural South

    Jackie Clay and Audra Tignor, of the Coleman Center for the Arts


  • Bingo! How Lived Experience Informs Learning: Episode #5

    Krys Holmes, of The Myrna Loy, and Angela Lee, of Hayti Heritage Center


Organizational Capacity & Infrastructure

  • Campos de Castilla

    Antonio Machado


  • The State of Your Organization

    Karina Branson, ConverSketch

    Graphic Recording

  • Welcome

    Coleman Center for the Arts


  • Do You Heal (We All Got Our Medicine)

    Co-written by Lu Aya Nephew & The Peace Poets, Akua Smith, and Lex Barlowe

    Audio Recording

  • Building a Culture of Exchange

    Emily Simons

    Graphic Recording

  • Change Capital

    Studio Thalo ​(Olivia Levins Holden, Nell Pierce, Donald Thomas)

    Graphic Recording

  • LANE’s TACtile Podcast: Queering Organizational Change: Trust the Rollercoaster

    Harold Steward and Evelyn Francis, of The Theater Offensive


  • LANE’s TACtile Podcast: Mind over Matter: How Shifting Our Thoughts Shifted Our Organizational Health

    Anjee Helstrup-Alvarez and Letetia Rodriguez, of Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana (MACLA)


  • Bingo! How Lived Experience Informs Learning: Episode #2

    Angela Two Stars and Alex Buffalohead, of All My Relations Arts at the Native American Community Development Institute (NACDI), and Anjee Helstrup-Alvarez, of Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana (MACLA)



Chapter 5Openings, Closings, & Transitions

AppendixAdditional Listening & Learning

Contributing Materials




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