The Creation & Development Fund supports the creation, development and mobility of new artistic work resulting in live experiential exchange between artists and community. The Fund provides a framework for relationships to develop over time among diverse artists, arts organizations, and communities. Through the investment of commissioning funds from arts organizations and NPN/VAN direct subsidies, each project is eligible for multilevel support.

Program Goals

  • Holistic support for diverse artistic creation processes
  • Increased visibility and community exchange with new artistic work
  • New access to commissioning support and equitable distribution of funds
  •  Cultivation of new, authentic relationships between artists, communities, and commissioners

Phase I: Creation

Each project begins with an artist; at least two arts organizations (co-commissioners) in different communities across the globe — one of which is an NPN/VAN Partner; and a vision of new work. In Phase I, each project receives a minimum of $12,000 to support the very early stages of the creation process. Unrestricted funds allow artists to experiment and take risks while creating work and can be used for a variety of needs such as research and development, materials, paying artists, technical support, and travel.

Phase II: Development

In Phase II, projects are invited to apply for additional development support up to $10,000 to offset managerial, artistic, and technical costs to deepen the development of the work, build community engagement, or prepare the work for live exchange (travel, touring, presentation, etc.). There are two deadlines per year in which artists can apply for development support. The next Phase II deadline will be August 2018. See Guidelines for more details.

Phase III: Mobility

Once a work is developed, co-comissioners support artists through a public engagement of the new work, focused on live experiential exchange between artists and communities. NPN/VAN offers access to, but does not guarantee, Artist Engagement Funds to NPN/VAN Partners for artist fees for Phase III. See Artist Engagement Fund guidelines for more details.

Past Issues