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Artists and the Network
NPN brings to national attention some of the most exciting and stimulating new work in dance, theater, music, and multidisciplinary art being created across the United States. Through both direct and indirect support to touring artists, NPN stimulates social creativity and artistic excellence. NPN advocacy efforts on behalf of longer residencies, better pay and more equitable agreements have made the organization a leader in the international performing arts community.

For touring artists, NPN is a source for funding and support. It provides access to bookings, commissions, professional development and peer networking. The NPN Core Subsidies Programs create extended opportunities for artists to interact with audiences, schools, social service agencies and other community groups far beyond the public stage. For artists new to touring, NPN can provide an important first opportunity to be recognized and promoted beyond regional boundaries. The NPN Standard Contract and fee structure also ensures artists that all the terms and conditions of their bookings will be understood and in keeping with professional standards and fair compensation to artists.

How to Tour with NPN Support
There is no pre-selected roster of NPN artists. NPN Partners select individual artists and artists companies based on their own curatorial visions and community needs, with no influence from the NPN National Office. After reviewing the NPN Directory, particularly the curatorial statements, we suggest interested artists initiate direct contact with NPN Partners that seem well matched with their work.

The number of NPN artist residencies in a given year is determined by available funding. Approximately 100 weeks of residencies will be supported in 2003-2004.

While the artist selection process is unique to each NPN Partner, all NPN artist residencies adhere to the following standards:

  • NPN Residency Program subsidies are for out-of-town artists only
  • Creation Fund subsidies are for either local or out-of-town artists
  • Artists must be willing to work under the NPN Standard Contract and Fee Structure
  • No artist/artist company may participate in more than 5 NPN Residencies per year
  • All artist/artist companies must tour with at least one technical person

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