NPN Announces Spring 2024 Professional Development Initiative Recipients

February 1, 2024  •  5 minute read

The Professional Development Initiative, one of NPN’s special initiatives, recognizes leadership within all levels of an NPN Partner organization and seeks to support their staff in self-determined activities that help individuals and organizations thrive.

In the spring of 2024, NPN is providing $21,954 towards Professional Development Initiative projects. These projects provide up to $3,000 in support for the development of NPN Partner staff. 

From providing access to staff training sessions and courses to funding attendance to industry conferences and networking opportunities, this initiative gives cultural leaders time, space, and resources for personal renewal and professional growth.

2024 Professional Development Initiative Recipients

Art2Action Inc.

Logo for Art2Action, Inc.

Arts Non-profit Financial Literacy and Fundraising Training

Gabi Vigueira, General Manager of Art2Action, Inc., will participate in a series of training sessions designed to build confidence and proficiency in financial literacy, bookkeeping, and fundraising. These include “Quickbooks Made Easy for Non-profits” by Greg Bossen, “Arts Finance Empowerment Camp with Intersection for the Arts” by Yesenia Sanchez, and trainings by the Wealth Reclamation Academy of Practitioners with a focus on fundraising through a social justice movement and community-building lens.

The photo depicts Art2Action's General Manager, Gabi Figueira, who has medium light skin and short, dark curly hair. She is wearing a grey turtleneck and a navy blue jacket against a white, sun-dappled background.
Art2Action’s General Manager, Gabrielle “Gabi” Vigueira

Hammonds House Museum

Logo for Hammonds House Museum

Association of African American Museums Conference

Hammonds House Museum staff will attend the 2024 Association of African American Museums conference to network and build relationships with fellow African American museum professionals. HHM looks forward to developing future exhibitions and community involvement opportunities with museum professionals who share similar experiences, knowledge, and information.

There are two photos. One depicts HHM Managing Director, Donna Watts-Nunn, smiling. Donna is a medium brown-skinned woman wearing brown, rounded glasses. Donna has neck-length brown hair and is wearing red lipstick, silver hoops, and a brown shirt. The other photo depicts Education & Program Consultant, Ravi Windom. Ravi is a medium-brown-skinned woman with a bright smile and dimple. Her hair is long, she is wearing brown lipstick and a black shirt.
Left: Donna Watts Nunn. Photo by Donna Watts-Nunn. Right: Ravi Windom. Photo by Brian Christian

Hayti Heritage Center

Logo for The Hayti Heritage Center

Association of Performing Arts Professionals Conference & BlackStar Film Festival

Hayti Film Festival Director, Tyra Dixon, and Hayti Program Director, Quentin Talley, will respectively attend the BlackStar Film Festival in Philadelphia in August 2024 and the Association of Performing Arts Professionals conference in New York City in January 2024. BlackStar Film Festival is an annual celebration of the visual and storytelling traditions of Black, Brown, and Indigenous people from around the world. APAP|NYC is the world’s premier gathering of the performing arts presenting, booking, and touring industry and the annual members conference of the Association of Performing Arts Professionals.

The image depicts Tyra Dixon a brown-skinned Black woman with locs, wearing a white shirt with a purplish background on the left. On the right, the image shows Quentin Talley, a brown-skinned Black man, wearing a burgundy coat and striped shirt with a light blue sky as the backdrop.
Tyra Dixon & Quentin Talley. Photo by Terrell Allen & Lovo Foto.

Links Hall

Logo for Links Hall

Audience Development through Marketing and Automation

Links Hall’s Marketing and Development Manager, Katie Collins, will participate in audience development skill-building training. The vision for this process includes an in-person course titled “AI in Marketing: Hands-on Course” at DePaul University in Chicago, one-on-one Excel and database management coaching, and peer phone calls with other marketing professionals at venues akin to Links Hall. This combination of skill development will support both Katie’s professional goals and Links Hall’s goals for audience and patron engagement.

The photo shows Katie Collins, a light-skinned woman with black shoulder-length hair, smiling and directly facing the viewer, for a headshot photo. She wears a black shirt with subtle designs, along with a long, silver necklace and dangling earrings.
Katie Collins. Photo by Links Hall

Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions

Logo for LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions)

LACE x Tijuana-San Diego – Enrichment Staff Trip

The LACE team, composed of five full-time staff members and a fellow, will travel to Tijuana, Mexico, and San Diego, California, for a three-day cultural visit. Due to its proximity to the country, LACE has a longstanding history of artistic exchange with Mexico and aims to expand its cultural and artistic collaborations in Tijuana and San Diego. The trip will include site and artist studio visits, plus mentorship and consultation meetings with cultural workers, providing the LACE team with a deeper context of the artistic production and history of the border region.

Photo of current LACE Team--two non-binary people and three women posed together for a group photo on a rooftop with a background view of the Santa Monica Mountains and Hollywood high rises. From left to right, a brown-skinned Latinx trans femme person, two fair-skinned Caucasian women, a non-binary East Asian person, and a light-skinned Latina all smile directly at the camera.
2023 LACE Team. From left to right: Juan Silverio, Fiona Ball, Sarah Russin, Camille Wong, Selene Preciad. Photo by Juan Silverio.

Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana

Logo for Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana / MACLA

Disability Justice Training

As a Latinx arts organization founded on racial justice and cultural equity, MACLA understands the importance of intersectionality and creating inclusive programs. Through this lens, they see the need to formally center disability justice in the organization and be more intentional in their efforts to promote and secure the rights and inclusion of disabled people. MACLA will partner with AXIS Dance Company to deepen its understanding of disability equity.

The photo depicts a Latinx woman mid-movement dancing in the foreground. She is on a wooden platform with her hands holding her purple skirt as she performs. A purple spotlight is on her. In the background, there are four musicians – three percussionists and one guitarist/vocalist.
Vanessa Sanchez & La Mezcla performing an excerpt of “Ghostly Labor” at MACLA in San Jose (2023). Image courtesy of MACLA.

The Painted Bride

Logo for Painted Bride Art Center

Care and Neighborhood Reverence Work

The Painted Bride will focus on healing and neighborhood reverence work through intergenerational story-bearing and anchoring care in their organizational direction. With a goal to create spaces for care and reflection in their community, this project will connect the Painted Bride with peers across the country who weave social justice, healing, art, and technology within their platforms. Through peer-to-peer support and educational direction, they hope to strengthen their skills to create strong programming, expand their network, and enhance their abilities as an organization to address systemic violence through care and art.

Left: A young, Black medium-skinned woman is smiling and wearing a colorful head turban, gold earrings, a yellow blouse, and a colorful jacket. Right: A young Asian American genderqueer person wearing a ponytail and white and black striped blouse is smiling.
Left: Raylá White-Spraggins. Right: Mary Zhou, Lauren Kim.

Sandglass Theater

Logo for Sandglass Theater

Sandglass Staff Development

Through focused mentorships and peer-to-peer learning sessions, Sandglass Theater, a women-led organization, seeks to expand the Managing Director’s skillset in areas of grant development, leadership, and communication. Though the project predominantly focuses on supporting a business-oriented position, it also seeks to support wider staff development through diversity training and collective grounding in these difficult times.

The photo depicts a red barn with white trim. A sign with gold lettering on a black background in the upper center of the building's facade reads “Sandglass Theater.” The theater has a blue door with two light blue seats next to it. Lush green plants and trees and several red and pink flowers surround the building on a sunny day with a wide blue sky in the background.
Sandglass Theater exterior in Putney, Vermont. Photo by Sandglass Theater.