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Resources & Publications

NPN publishes documentation of its programs, initiatives, and cultural policy dialogues, in the interest of stimulating meaningful interchange among and between contemporary performing artists and presenters, policymakers and colleagues. Publications can be downloaded, and hard copies are available by contacting the NPN national office at:

National Performance Network
PO Box 56698
New Orleans, LA, 70156
(504) 595-8008

Current Publications:

NPN Annual Report
Descriptions of NPN programs and Partner Organizations
NPN2018_19.pdf (3.7 MB) or purchase from
NPN2017_18.pdf (18.1 MB) or purchase from
NPN2016_17.pdf (16.3 MB) or purchase from
NPN2015_16.pdf (10 MB) or purchase from
NPN2014_15.pdf (16.2 MB) or purchase from
NPN2013_14.pdf (8.8 MB) or purchase from
NPN2012_13.pdf (8.3 MB) or purchase from
NPN2011_12.pdf (3.9 MB) or purchase from
NPN2010_11.pdf (8.3 MB) or purchase from
NPN2009_10.pdf (4.0 MB) or purchase from
NPN2008_09.pdf (11.9 MB)

Visual Artists Network (VAN) Catalog
VAN2013-2014.pdf (5.3 MB) or purchase from
VAN2012.pdf (5.7 MB) or purchase from
VAN2011.pdf (6.2 MB) or purchase from
VAN2010.pdf (5.8 MB) or purchase from
VAN2009.pdf (1.74 MB)
VAN2007.pdf (4.2 MB)

Sample Artist Contracts
Contract One — visual or hybrid work
Contract Two — performing arts

National Performance Network Economic Survey
During the summer of 2010 NPN surveyed artist-centered organizations and individual artists about the impact of the current economy, with funding from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. Alternate ROOTS, Creative Capital, the MAP Fund, the Consortium of Asian American Theatres and Artists, and the Network of Ensemble Theatres collaborated on the distribution of the survey, which received 800 responses. Read a report on the findings (links below) or look at the survey results.
NPN Economic Survey 2010 (color/PDF)
NPN Economic Survey 2010 (B&W/PDF)

Home, New Orleans? Booklet (2010)
Home New Orleans booklet.pdf (1.65 MB)

Transforma (2010)
Transforma book.pdf (33.82 MB)
This publication documents the activities of Transforma (2005-2010), a collective of artists and creative professionals formed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to support and celebrate cultural practices that impact the social and physical environment.

NPN FY09–12 Strategic Plan
NPNFinalStrategicPlanJuly23.pdf (205 KB)

NOLA Roundtables/Cultural Summit
NOLA Roundtable Cultural Plan and Budget (PDF, January 29, 2007)
Cultural Sector Project Plan for Recovery (PDF, draft plan reviewed at 1/16/2007 meeting)
Summary from the NOLA Roundtable (PDF, working meeting on 12/30/2006)

Arts Policy in the New Administration
The National Performance Network in collaboration with fifteen arts service organizations prepared and submitted the attached Arts Policy Paper and Cultural Advocacy Group Proposal to the Barack Obama transition team. The Arts Policy Paper is a public document that outlines recommendations for a re-invigorated National Endowment for the Arts under a new administration. The document was created from a series of meetings and email response to drafts by staff and leadership of the organizations. (2008)
ArtsTransitionStatement.pdf and CAG_ARRP_Proposal.pdf

Why a Local Program
Cultural Policy Report from MK Wegmann

U.S. Cultural Policy:
Its Politics of Participation, Its Creative Potential

A White Paper by Roberto Bedoya (2004)
CulturalPolicy.pdf (1.40 MB)

Transcript of Rha Goddess’ Keynote from the
2008 Annual Meeting in Seattle


NAAMP Executive Summary
Synopsis of full NAAMP Report (2002)
NAAMPexecsum.pdf (67.79 KB)

NAAMP Report to the Field
A Record and Reflection of Value-based Learning (2002)
NAAMP_all.pdf (1.74 MB)

Reaffirming the Tradition of the New
A Report on NPN’s Regional Roundtables (Fall 2001)
NPNRoundtable.pdf (1.95 MB)

Weaving the Web of Community
Available on CD; link will open site in new window

Past Issues