Creating New Futures:
Contracts Working Group

Moral Documents and Enforcement Tools

Modeling Equitable Contracting

interruption artwork hero v2

Jonathan Allen, Interruption 203, Borough Hall subway station, April 17, 2020.
Paint and plastic on video screen, 58 × 34 in.

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Live art rests on the bodies of the artists onstage. How can we create the conditions for artists to define the terms of their engagement?

How do we shift away from the grumpy technician archetype? How does venue staff shift away from a culture of “no” and find their “sacred yes”?

We asked, "Is this an ethical, aspirational document, or a document meant to protect each party, and therefore necessarily adversarial?" We not-so-comfortably landed on the answer that perhaps it needs to be both at once.

As presenters, we hope that the relationship we are building with artists we are contracting is a permanent one, therefore a few weeks of additional negotiating and logistics around equitable contracting should feel like a blip.

defining the work needs to be artist driven—transparency, communication, and setting expectations are all a must for a positive outcome for all and preserving the relationship.

"You can’t negotiate a contract without having a clear conversation about artist compensation."

A self-education rider states that the presenter acknowledges that the artist’s work is queer-centered, POC-centered, or within a lineage of Indigenous artists, and that the presenter will self-educate before artist’s arrival.

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