National Partner

The Yard

The Yard is a creation and performance platform for artists from around the globe with a focus on dance. We offer exhilarating, wide-ranging, and educational arts experiences through performances, residencies, and community activities. We present performances by national and international artists; provide paid residencies for choreographers; offer intergenerational engagement programs; and bring dance and creativity centered education programs into schools. Our programs run year-round and can be found on The Yard’s campus and in partner locations across the island of Martha’s Vineyard. We serve the island’s year-round population of ~17,000, as well as the significant influx of summer residents and tourists. With the exception of the summer months, Martha’s Vineyard is a characteristically rural place. The Yard provides a unique bridge to the performing arts mainland. Our curatorial vision is in the process of being revisited, following the retirement of a long-time artistic director. The Yard’s current roster of artists were primarily selected under this previous director’s leadership, with a focus on relationship building and presenting artists who represent various viewpoints, life experiences, genres, and stages in their careers.