National Partner

Space One Eleven

Founded in 1986, Space One Eleven (SOE)’s mission is to support visual artists by a commitment to artistic freedom, by paying professional artist fees and by providing opportunities for artists to exhibit and teach. SOE presents innovative contemporary art by diverse artists who address universal themes through the lens of Birmingham, Alabama’s history and its meaning to the world, providing a forum for public understanding and appreciation of contemporary art.

Space One Eleven’s curatorial team invites artists and curators to organize projects that are challenging and that prompt discussions of current social, artistic and cultural issues. SOE encourages artists to investigate the role that the Deep South plays in political matters such as economic disparity, equal access to education and healthcare, immigration, gender equity and aging. Exhibitions and visual art installations take place in the gallery and storefront windows. Art education activities are held in the pottery and multi-media studios.

2409 2nd Avenue North
Birmingham, Alabama
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Phone 205-328-0553

Peter Prinz
Co-Founder and CEO

Cheryl Lewis
Director of Programs