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Sandglass Theater

Our mission is to present, develop and support innovative theatrical work, to provide our audience with a broad interpretation of theater, and to encourage dialogue across ages and cultures. Sandglass is a touring company dedicated to the use of the puppet as a theatrical medium, often in collaboration with artists and composers to explore identity, memory and relationship to place. We are interested in other media, current issues and a range of ensemble theater forms and processes. We have been presenting guest artists since 1996, including an annual series in our 60-seat barn theater and a biannual international puppet festival in local venues.

Located in a small village in southern Vermont, we serve a rural extended community of about 30,000. There is strong interest in multicultural, urban and world affairs; much of our programming is focused on current issues around multicultural identity and diversity. We present an annual theme-based series, Voices of Community, which develops an extended dialogue over several weeks around cultural identities and a biannual International Puppet Festival, among other series and events.

P.O. Box 970
Putney, Vermont
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Phone 802-387-4051

Shoshana Bass
Co-Artistic Director

Eric Bass
Co-Artistic Director