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Live Arts Miami

Live Arts Miami (LAM) is an action-driven, people-centered platform for powerful performances, impactful community programs, and learning experiences that spark dialogue, raise awareness around pressing issues, and open minds and hearts in all who take part. Its mission is to empower artists, audiences, and students to cultivate change through transformative programs and performances in the live arts. Over three decades of work in the community, it has featured some of the most extraordinary performing artists of our time and countless unforgettable performances, collaborations, and public art projects from all over the world. With each presentation, LAM offers a bridge between cultures and ideas, creating new opportunities for the richly diverse population of Miami to come together through shared live arts experiences.

LAM’s vision is an equitable and democratic creative culture. A thriving and fenceless garden where art is more than a delicate and precious rosebush cared for by expert gardeners; it is a wild and native grass made nourishing and ubiquitous through open collaborations, cultural cross-pollinations, and artful disruptions of the status quo. An artistic community that bears witness to injustice while bearing the fruits of the future, one where ‘artist’ is just another word for ‘person’ and the creative process is synonymous with freedom.

300 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami, Florida
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Phone 305-237-3010

Kathryn Garcia
Executive Director