National Partner

Links Hall

Links Hall is proud to be a home for independent artists across all performance disciplines, at all stages of their careers — simultaneously a presenter, incubator, and service organization. Founded in 1978 by three experimental choreographers (Bob Eisen, Carol Bobrow and Charlie Vernon), Links encourages artistic innovation and public engagement by maintaining a facility and providing flexible programming for the research, development, and presentation of new work in the performing arts. We provide residency programs, performance series, co-presentations with local organizations and ensembles, festivals, and subsidized performance and rehearsal rentals for self-producing artists. One artist notes, “Links Hall matters because it’s quite easy as an artist to feel like you’re always asking for support and resources from the world around you. Links feels like a place that just gives those things willingly and not only invests in the artist but then reinvests in them over and over again.” Links serves artists from across Chicago, the Midwest, and nationally; and has supported national tours and exchanges with arts partners in Japan and Haiti. Over 50% of Links artists identify as Black, Indigenous, or artists of color. Festivals, ongoing performance series, and residencies are collectively curated by artists or artist-led jury panels.