National Partner

International Sonoran Desert Alliance / ISDA

ISDA is a tri-national creative place-making organization dedicated to preserving and enriching the environment, culture, and economy of the Sonoran Desert. Located in Ajo, Arizona (formerly the three separate, segregated communities of Indian Village, Mexican Town, and the Ajo Anglo Townsite), ISDA uses arts and culture to bring people together across long-standing racial and ethnic divisions, and to build community across the U.S., Mexico, and Tohono O’odham Nation borders.

For the last decade, ISDA has been renovating historic buildings in Ajo’s town center where ISDA now manages 30 affordable live/work artist apartments, an indoor/outdoor performance venue, and the new Sonoran Desert Inn and Conference Center created for meetings, arts gatherings, and artists-in- residence. ISDA presents local, regional and national performing artists. ISDA takes a special interest in presenting community and folk arts, and art that evokes or addresses issues of social justice and racial equity.