National Partner


Fusebox is a non-profit arts organization in Austin, TX. At the center of our work is an ongoing exploration of live performance. Our programs bring unique artistic projects to thousands of people in Central Texas; provide support and resources to artists; and address civic issues at the center of contemporary life and culture. Fusebox serves the artist community in Austin, in strong support of BIPOC arts.

We believe in the boundless possibilities of live performance.
We believe in the potential of imagination to shape the world.
We believe in shaking things up.
We believe in access.
We believe in, and are committed to, cultural equity, anti-racism, and diversity.
We believe in supporting arts workers.
We believe in the act of gathering, and the power of presence.
We believe in leading with joy, care, and generosity.
We believe in long-term collaborations.
We believe in a plurality of perspectives.
We believe in the exchange of ideas across artistic disciplines, sectors, neighborhoods, and countries.
We believe exchanges should be relational and reciprocal rather than transactional.
We believe our festival should be free, but that artists’ work should be valued.
We believe that art is central to a healthy society