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DiverseWorks commissions, produces, and presents new and daring art in all its forms through innovative collaborations that honor each artist’s vision without constraint. founded by artists in 1982, DiverseWorks is one of Houston’s most innovative multi-disciplinary arts organizations, with an astonishing record as a cultural agitator — helping to shape the arc of contemporary art nationally over the last 30 years.

DiverseWorks presents work by local, national, and international artists, with particular attention to work that expands the definitions of contemporary art and crosses the boundaries that have traditionally separated dance, theater, performance art, literary art, and visual art.

DiverseWorks values freedom of artistic expression in all forms, the artist’s role in provoking understanding of social issues, authenticity and dependability in our professional practice, artistic excellence that is born through a coupling of risk and imagination, interactions between artist and audience, diversity and inclusivity. While our work can be rigorous and challenging, we pride ourselves on being welcoming, friendly, and fun.

3400 Main Street
Houston, Texas
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Phone 713-223-8346

Xandra Eden
Executive Director & Chief Curator

Ashley DeHoyos
Assistant Curator