LANE Cohort / National Partner

Coleman Center for the Arts

The Coleman Center for the Arts (CCA) is a contemporary arts organization in rural York, Alabama that uses art to foster positive social change, answer civic needs, build local pride, and use creativity for community problem- solving. The CCA was founded in 1985 through the grassroots efforts of local citizens. Programs include a community-based artist-in-residence program that produces socially engaged public art projects, an exhibition program that features the work of local artists, as well as regional and national artists completing CCA projects, and an education program that offers year-round opportunities for area youth.

CCA programs offer artists and community members opportunities to work as co- participants in projects that address civic and social needs. Calling on models of contemporary art and consensus-based organizing, projects are characterized by close collaboration with the community. By sustaining long-term relationships between artists, participants and community, the CCA seeks to have a lasting effect on individuals, issues and the means of production for contemporary art.

630 Avenue A
York, Alabama
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Phone 205-392-2005

Jackie Clay
Executive Director

Suzanne McGahey
Board Chair