National Partner

7 Stages

7 Stages engages artists and audiences by focusing on social, spiritual and artistic values in contemporary culture. Primary emphasis is given to the support and development of new plays, new playwrights and new methods of collaboration. Our vision is to be a global center for the creation of vital conversations through collaborative performance. We are committed to inviting national and international performances and theatre artists to our community and to bringing different cultures into intimate contact. We also maintain a multi-disciplinary performance space for other arts groups in Atlanta.

Looking specifically at physical movement, ensemble-based groups and theatre companies, 7 Stages travels nationally and internationally to identify new artists with whom we want to foster relationships. Through live encounters, video clips and electronic communications, we identify companies that fit our mission.

1105 Euclid Avenue, NE
Atlanta, Georgia
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Phone 404-522-0911

Heidi Howard
Artistic Director

Mack Headrick
Managing Director