Bingo! Episode 3: Junebug and La Peña

July 2, 2020  •  < 1 minute read

Part 3 of LANE’s cohort interview series “Bingo! How Lived Experience Informs Learning”

LANE cohort members Junebug Productions of New Orleans, Louisiana, and La Peña Cultural Center of Berkley, California interview each other at the 2019 National Performance Network Conference.

In the six-part series “Bingo! How Lived Experience Informs Learning”LANE cohort organizations come together to interview each other and share reflections on using their lived experiences to move through learning.

In Episode 3, Junebug Productions of New Orleans, Louisiana, sits down with La Peña Cultural Center of Berkley, California. They discuss:

  • bridging the gaps between the “OG” elders and the “young Gs” in our communities
  • visioning and making time for planning
  • working at organizations that have come out of people’s movements
  • and shifting a company work session to a company dream session


From Junebug Productions
Damiya Khanboubi
Director of Community Collaboration and Marketing

From La Peña
Tara Dalbo, Deputy Director
Natalia Neira, Co-Executive Director

We’re a nonprofit, not everything is going to be a surplus. There are going to be deficits. And so we make those choices of what’s mission, what’s vision, what’s values, and what do we keep that isn’t deficit, and what do we support it with? And how do we support each other? And how do we bring that equity piece forward so we can sustain and so we can thrive?

–Tara Dalbo, La Peña Cultural Center

The Junebug staff was like, instead of having a work session where we focus on the details of programming and selecting programming, why don’t we just have a larger dream session about what we want our organization to look like internally and externally . . . Maybe we don’t get things right all the time, but that’s okay. But being able to shift and pivot and move and recognize that yes, we are Junebug Productions, but Junebug Productions is a bunch of human beings who are just doing their best.

–Damiya Khanboubi, Junebug Productions

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