Bingo! Episode 1: Seattle’s Central District Forum of Arts and Ideas Talks with Boston’s The Theater Offensive

April 23, 2020  •  2 minute read

Part 1 of LANE’s cohort interview series “Bingo! How Lived Experience Informs Learning”

LANE cohort members Central District Forum of Arts and Ideas (Seattle) and The Theater Offensive (Boston) interview each other at the 2019 National Performance Network Conference.

In the six-part series “Bingo! How Lived Experience Informs Learning”, LANE cohort organizations come together to interview each other and share reflections on using their lived experiences to move through learning.

Episode 1 features a discussion between Central District Forum for Art and Ideas of Seattle, Washington and The Theater Offensive of Boston, Massachusetts. Among the topics discussed:

  • what can be frightening about engaging a transformation process as leaders 
  • what restoration looks like as institutions change 
  • how good it feels to see a boss you admire gain national recognition 
  • and being joyfully realistic about what’s going to happen next


From Central District Forum for Art and Ideas
Nina Yarbrough, Business Development Manager
Merri Ann Osborne, Program Manager

From The Theater Offensive
Evelyn Francis, Producing Co-Executive Director
Harold Steward, Producing Co-Executive Director

We were very responsible to the community, I feel like our connection to community was clear, but then within our organization we weren’t taking care of each other. I feel like we’re shifting an eye inwards to build systems of equity within our organization in a way we haven’t really done before. And I feel a little more nervous about that, because I feel like, the community I clearly understand, but I don’t know how to take lunch away from my desk. . . . and what right do I have to say go take lunch if I’m not taking lunch?

–Evelyn Francis, The Theater Offensive

It was being a part of the breathing. The great thing that LANE has given CD Forum, and all the other organizations in alpha cohort, is a moment to sigh and to breathe. . . and a moment to rest in the fear now that you have a safety net. So it feels really joyful and awesome and fun and sometimes frustrating to be a part of that change.

–Nina Yarbrough, Central District Forum for Art and Ideas

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