VAN Community Fund

FY14 VAN Community Fund Awards

DiverseWorks – Houston, TX
Artist: Wu Tsang, Los Angeles, CA
Project: “Moved by the Motion”
Wu Tsang, a transgender second-generation Chinese-American artist, developed and filmed a series of intimate interviews with members of the LGBTQ immigrant community in Houston. The interviews contributed to the research and production of a multi-media performance and exhibition that utilized a film installation and event space. Through these interviews Tsang provoked a line of inquiry in order to expose the boundaries between the terms “inside” and “outside” when referring to the shifting terrain of human sexuality and gender identity.
NPN Subsidy: $3,750

Space One Eleven – Birmingham, AL
Artist: Steve Lambert, Beacon, NY
Project: “Steve Lambert is coming to Birmingham. Write it in crayon.”
Steve Lambert planned for a residency by connecting with the general public, news media, and human rights organizations to select sites and determine community concerns that will be addressed in his project, “In My Life, True/False.” The project was documented by Victoria Estok, and the resulting video will be available to audiences online.
NPN Subsidy: $3750

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FY13 VAN Community Fund Awards

DiverseWorks – Houston, TX
Artist: Liz Magic Laser, New York, NY
Project: “Tell Me What You Want to Hear” Workshops
Liz Magic Laser of New York City, along with expert political, media and marketing strategists, will lead a series of workshops to teach participants how to deliver texts to maximize audience empathy and compassion. The series of week-long workshops will lead to an interactive performance that uses the format of a news talk show to dissect the emotionally manipulative methods used by politicians and news makers to generate empathy and support. Through these workshops, Laser poses the question: “Can the public level the playing field by understanding how to engineer empathy as well as our politicians do?”
NPN Subsidy: $4,500

Real Art Ways – Hartford, CT
Artist: Kameelah Janan Rasheed, Brooklyn, NY
Project: “Excavating and Reimagining Our Community”
Kameelah Janan Rasheed of Brooklyn will engage 10-15 young people in collaborative research of local history that will culminate in an exhibition of the youths’ narrative photographic works. The project, “Excavating and Reimagining Our Community,” builds on Real Art Ways’ ongoing work in its communities.
NPN Subsidy: $4,500

LACE/Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions – Los Angeles, CA
Artist: Eric Zimmerman, Brooklyn, NY; Nathalie Pozzi, New York.NY
Project: Planning and Documentation – Engaging Local Community in Extended Dialogue
Eric Zimmerman of Brooklyn, NY will lead a planning and documentation project that will include a survey of past VAN artists and community participants, as well as an advance site visit to make stronger community connections. The project will be documented in a “Practice Sessions” video to be shared with online audiences.
NPN Subsidy: $3,000

516 Arts – Albuquerque, NM
Artists: John Hitchcock, Madison, WI; Emily Arthur, Jacksonville, FL
Project: “Air, Land, Seed” Community Programming
Native American printmakers John Hitchcock (Madison, WI) and Emily Arthur (Jacksonville, FL) will extend their residency to work with local artists Marwin Begaye and Ryan O’Malley. They will create a large-scale public art banner, work with community members to create and ceremonially distribute prints in the Native “give-away” tradition, and participate in a Parade of Flags, featuring both new work and flags created for the 2013 Venice Biennial.
NPN Subsidy: $3,000

Emily Arthur, Marwin Begaye & John Hancock
Equivalencies, 2012
screenprint and drawing
44 X 30 inches

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