Too often new work is rushed from the studio to the stage without the proper time and resources needed to fully hone it. Building upon the NPN Creation Fund, the Forth Fund supports the further development of newly commissioned performance work. The goals of the Forth Fund are to encourage artists to identify what is needed to make their work stronger, reinforce the relationships between commissioners and artists, and improve the overall production quality of work touring in the United States and abroad.

The Forth Fund contributes an additional $15,000 to Creation Fund projects in order to access the critical managerial, artistic and technical resources necessary to prepare a new work for touring. The process is driven by the artists, who articulate their own needs based on the current developmental phase of their work, and they broker the relationships with commissioners.

Funds are equitably distributed between artists and commissioners: $5,000 to the artist and $5,000 to one of the commissioners who is required to contribute a $5,000 match (cash or in-kind).

In FY11, NPN concluded the pilot year of the NPN Forth Fund culminating in a face-to-face evaluation with Forth Fund artists and commissioners at the Annual Meeting in Dallas and a written evaluation by Paul Bonin-Rodríguez. Upon completing a successful pilot year, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded NPN $700,000 over three years to fully implement the Forth Fund Program. Beginning in July of 2011, every Creation Fund Award will receive Forth Fund support. Forth Fund support, combined with Creation Fund and Performance Residency subsidies will increase the investment of work co-commissioned through NPN to more than $30,000 per work and advance more than $1.5 million dollars into the field.

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The Forth Fund is made possible by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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