Exhibition Residency Program

Congratulations to the eight sites which were awarded subsidies for visual artists’ residencies.

Guest Organization Awards (announced April 2007)

  • Organization:  Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT
    Artist:   Fay Ku, Brooklyn, NY
    Project Medium: Painting, Drawing, Collage
    Project Description:  Fay Ku will lead workshops with students from Cross-Cultural Academy of the Arts and Parkville Elementary School, as they produce self-portraits made up of visual narratives drawn from stories imagined, remembered and told.  At the close of the residency, Ku will give a public slide presentation.

  • Organization:  Galeria de la Raza/Studio 24, San Francisco, CA
    Artist:   Jaime Mendoza, Chicago, IL 
    Project Medium: Digital Mural, Installation
    Project Description: As part of the “Picturing Imigration” exhibition, Jaime Mendoza will create an interior installation and a computer-generated temporary mural that will be featured on an outside billboard.  Through community panel discussions, Mendoza will examamine the immigration debate from multiple perspectives.

  • Organization:  Hammonds House Museum, Atlanta, GA
    Artist:   Theodore Harris, Philadelphia, PA 
    Project Medium: Mixed Media, Political Poster Art
    Project Description: Theordore Harris’ exhibition opens during the U.S. Social Forum Conference to bring focus to the role of art in communicating the ills of society.  He will lead panel discussions and youth art workshops to explore the role of visual arts in historic and current issues of social justice.

  • Organization:  SPACES, Cleveland, OH
    Artist:   Manuel Acevedo, Sunnyside, NY 
    Project Medium: Camera Obscura Installations
    Project Description: Creating large-scale cameras obscura in community centers, churches, offices, and homes, Manuel Acevedo will use urban landscapes to explore myth, identity, and cultural unerstandings.  He will also give public presentations about his work and lead pin-hole camera workshops with high school students.


National Performance Network Partner Awards (announced February 2007)

  • Partner: Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis, MN
    Artist: Lady Pink, New York, NY
    Project media: Painting and Aerosol Art Mural
    Project description: B-Girl Be, led by the “godmother of graffiti art” Lady Pink, is an annual summit, exhibition, and large-scale mural production with local, national and international women presenting and creating artwork that is inspired and rooted in Hip Hop culture.

  • Partner: Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Portland, OR
    Artist: Arnold Kemp, San Francisco, CA and New York, NY
    Project media: Painting, Installation, Video, Performance
    Project description: Arnold Kemp’s residency will give him space to develop a series of paintings, video, and a concurrent performance using B-Movie horror films and African myths to construct “black paintings” – also involving community members in “radio play” – to be exhibited at the Time-Based Art Festival in September.

  • Partner: Women and Their Work, Austin, TX
    Artist/collaborator: Kowkie Durst, Portland, OR
    Project mediium: Ceramics
    Project description: Kowkie Durst will mentor Reagan High School students to create a body of ceramic works that will result in a joint exhibition of the student and mentors’ works at a citywide event “Art of the Pot.”

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