Community Fund Awards
from Prior Years

FY13 Winter Community Fund Awards

Fusebox Festival – Austin, TX
Title: Motion Bank + Jeanine Durning, Roz Warby, & Deborah Hay
Description: Fusebox will develop a community collaboration that builds a unique connection among three of Austin’s defining communities: the University of Texas, the high-tech community, and the creative/artistic community.
NPN Subsidy: $5000

Junebug Productions, Inc. – New Orleans, LA
Title: Women, Resilience & Healing: Responding to Recent and Historical Traumas
Description: NPN Partner Carpetbag Theatre (Knoxville, TN) and Junebug Productions will facilitate community dialogue – around war, trauma and healing – through workshops, story circles and panel discussions. These activities will culminate in a short documentary addressing the connection between those on the frontlines and those who have experienced trauma through the war on the streets in New Orleans.
NPN Subsidy: $3000

Painted Bride – Philadelphia, PA
Title: “If She Stood”
Description: The Bride will host a series of community engagement activities up to the world premiere of “If She Stood,” which explores the motivation of a multi-racial group of women who in 1833 founded Philadelphia’s Female Anti-Slavery Society.
NPN Subsidy: $4000

The Theater Offensive – Boston, MA
Title: Interdisciplinary Workshop Series with Daniel ‘Jomama’ Jones
Description: The Theater Offensive and Daniel Alexander Jones will host a week-long, four-workshop series that focuses on the powerful and performative nature of building a drag character. They will work with four local organizations for LGBT youth and adults of color.
NPN Subsidy: $4,000

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FY13 Summer Community Fund Awards

Contemporary Arts Center – New Orleans, LA
Title: Hannibal Lokumbe’s Music Liberation Orchestra
Description: The CAC and Lokumbe will partner with Orleans Parish Prison for Lokumbe’s Music Liberation Orchestra program, an educational program designed to help break the cycle of incarceration among under-served populations in America’s inner cities. Louisiana incarcerates a higher percentage of its citizens than any other place on earth, and OPP is one of the most overcrowded prisons in the state. One in seven adult black males in New Orleans is in jail, on probation, or on parole. This constitutes a crisis that tears at the fabric of the New Orleans community.
NPN Subsidy: $5000

Columbia College Chicago, Center for Community Art Partnerships – Chicago, IL
Title: The People’s Cook
Description: The Center for Community Arts Partnerships at Columbia College Chicago will expand a Performance Residency with The Peoples Cook, a performance art group that unites cross-cultural cooking and interdisciplinary art to promote well-being and healthy nutrition. The Community Fund project will work with schools and youth arts organizations to provide four workshops for over 300 children and youth, using storytelling and performance to teach practical cooking skills and healthy nutrition with locally available food.
NPN Subsidy: $4500

DiverseWorks – Houston, TX
Title: City Council Meeting
Description: DiverseWorks will work with NPN Creation Fund Artist Aaron Landsmans to develop the “City Council Meeting Staffers” a core group of local activists, performers and artists who will facilitate performance discussions, and educate, train and the refine skills of the local artists in community-engaged artistic practice and how to facilitate a community dialogue through theater.  The Staffers will work with multiple community groups, including secondary schools, church groups and under-served audiences during a week-long development residency prior to City Council Meeting’s production residency and premiere at DiverseWorks.
NPN Subsidy: $4500

Ashé Cultural Arts Center – New Orleans, LA
Title: Somebody Better Say Something
Description: Ashé, in conjunction with New Orleans-based musician Luther Gray and Chicago’s Hamid Drake will partner youth from Chicago who are disconnected from their community with youth in New Orleans experiencing similar effects from living in communities that are under-served, marginalized and are still recovering from historical trauma. Somebody Better Say Something will open communication between communities by bringing together youth impacted by racism and poverty.
NPN Subsidy: $4000

Pangea World Theater – Minneapolis, MN
Title: Outside the Circle: Expansion of Andrea Assaf and Samuel Valdez’s residency
Description: In March of 2012, Pangea World Theater presented OUTSIDE THE CIRCLE, a piece created and performed by artists Andrea Assaf and Samuel Valdez that addresses issues of the differently-abled community, the queer community and communities of color. Pangea, in collaboration with 20% Theatre Company will bring OUTSIDE THE CIRCLE back to the Twin Cities as part of “Morphologies: A Queer Arts Festival,” and use the performance as starting point to strategically develop audiences from these three communities through dialogue, post-performance discussions and a performance workshop.
NPN Subsidy: $3000

South Dallas Cultural Center – Dallas, TX
Title: Sparky & Rhonda Rucker at SDCC Thriving Minds Programs
Description: South Dallas Cultural Center will enagage Sparky & Rhonda Rucker to work with an invited group of classroom teachers from schools where SDCC has afterschool programs. SDCC’s Thriving Minds After School Programs are in schools with low income, students of color. Currently they have no interaction with the classroom teachers that their students work with every day. SDCC wants to offer two hands on workshops to selected teachers in using music to enhance the social studies curriculum around the history of blacks and Latinos.
NPN Subsidy: $2,300

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FY12 Winter Community Fund Awards

PICA – Portland Institute for Contemporary Art – Portland, OR
Title:  Expansion of Keith Hennessy Residency
Description:  As an expansion of Keith Hennessy’s NPN Performance Residency this September, PICA will present a one-week intensive master class and a three-day symposium led by national artists and thinkers, including 5-7 discussion sessions and one lecture around the themes addressed in Hennessy’s work “Turbulence (a dance about the economy).” The symposium will provide context for the debut of this piece at the TBA Festival, while raising awareness about LGBT issues and the artist’s role in today’s society.
NPN Subsidy:  $5000

The Carpetbag Theatre, Inc. – Knoxville, TN
Title:  The Women’s Familiarization Tour
Description:  The Women’s Familiarization Tour is a series of  interactions featuring dialogues for and about women. The tour brings together community women and guest artists around issues related to two works that have been presented by the Carpetbag Theatre and that are related to the NPN Creation Fund project “Speed Killed My Cousin.” The second is “Freckle in my Eye.”
NPN Subsidy:  $4800

Pangea World Theater – Minneapolis, MN
Title:  Expansion of D’Lo Residency
Description:  D’Lo will come to Minneapolis one week prior to his Ramble-Ations Performance Residency, which will be presented in collaboration with 20% Theatre Company as part of “Morphologies: A Queer Arts Festival.” He will facilitate two workshops  with local queer people of color and help them create their own performance pieces. D’Lo will also facilitate one workshop for youth performers. He will host an evening showcase where students and workshop participants present their work.
NPN Subsidy:  $5000

El Centro Su Teatro – Denver, CO
Title: Outside the Circle
Description:  Creation Fund artists Andrea Assaf, Dora Arreola, and Samuel Valdez will provide three intensive workshops geared toward artists and activists in our community. The proposed activities will allow Su Teatro to strengthen relationships with progressive organizations, to spend time examining the contradictions we all hold at the crossroad of race, class, gender, sexuality and ability, and thus to improve our community building techniques to include all members of our community.
NPN Subsidy:  $3650

Asian Arts Initiative – Philadelphia, PA
Title:  Local Artists Exchange
Description: The Community Fund will support the engagement of local artists in our fall 2012 Artists Exchange festival of Asian American performance as a means of both building local awareness about NPN and developing work by diverse artists that might be showcased during the 2012 NPN Annual Meeting that we will be co-hosting in Philadelphia.
NPN Subsidy:  $3000

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FY12 Summer Community Fund Awards

In July 2011 NPN received 12 proposals and funded the top five projects totaling $24,300:

651 Arts – Brooklyn, NY
Title: Kyle Abraham – Moving Words
Description: Kyle Abraham will extend his residency over four months to work with 40 Brooklyn public-school seniors through performances, lec/dems, and a Moving Words residency where Kyle will share his creative process for his next work.
NPN Subsidy: $5,000

El Centro Su Teatro – Denver, CO
Title: Expansion of Lisa Suarez Residency
Description: Suarez will team up with Su Teatro artist/instructors to deeply engage audience members/ elder caregivers in a week devoted to artistic exploration of their experience with Alzheimer’s disease. These activities will provide respite to caregivers, raise awareness, allow Su Teatro artists to learn from Suarez, and for Su Teatro to pilot a new audience development/outreach model.
NPN Subsidy: $5,000

John Michael Kohler Arts Center – Sheboygan, WI
Title: Expansion of Pat Graney Residency
Description: Pat Graney Company will extend her Sheboygan residency an additional three weeks to engage community members in the installation of HOUSE OF MIND and the co-creation of a flash-mob style chair dance spectacle.
NPN Subsidy: $5,000

Myrna Loy Center/Helena Presents – Helena, MT
Title: Expanding Dan Froot Puppet Residency
Description: Local artists, with Dan Froot and Randall Whittinghill, will expand the experience by developing a lesson plan for students to share their stories through puppet-theater and conducting additional workshops after the residency.
NPN Subsidy: $4,300

The Theater Offensive – Boston, MA
Title: Fierce Love
Description: Brian Freeman and Thandiwe Thomas DeShazor of Pomo Afro Homos (PAH) will spend one week in October working intensively with the Boston Hispanic/Black Gay Coalition’s (HBGC) “Shout OUT” troupe in the Roxbury neighborhood to create a piece that will be presented in November with Fierce Love.
NPN Subsidy: $5,000

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FY11 Winter Community Fund Awards

Asian Arts Initiative
Title: Local Artists Exchange
Description: Support to engage local artists for the fall 2011 “Home: Far and Near” festival of Asian American performance, as a means of both building local awareness about NPN and developing work by diverse artists that might be showcased during the 2012 NPN Annual Meeting that we are planning to host in Philadelphia.
NPN Subsidy: $5000

Out North
Title: Correctional Facilities Outreach and Teacher Artist Training
Description: Rhodessa Jones will work with women at the Highland Mountain Correctional Center as part of her Madea Project; and Idris Ackamoor will work with youth at the McLaughlin Youth Center – a facility for adjudicated youth. Both artists will work with local teaching artists to expand and develop the skills of Out North’s education program.
NPN Subsidy: $3,551

Painted Bride Art Center
Title: Word Becomes Flesh
Description: The Painted Bride Art Center will collaborate with Marc Bamuthi Joseph/Living Word Project to implement a community project that will provide artistic development and engagement around issues of environmental literacy to Philadelphia-based youth; using poetry, writing and performance as a vehicle to effect social change. These activites will culminate in a SPEAK GREEN performance at Philadelphia’s Odunde Festival on Sunday, June 12, 2011.
NPN Subsidy: $3,750

Women & Their Work
Title: Finding Voice: Creative Performance Lab
Description: Support to allow Women & Their Work to plan and develop a creative performance lab that will pair four young African American artists with mentors to develop material that will culminate in staged readings at W&TW. We hope this will be the beginning of a deeper relationship between W&TW and young black artists, many of whom are new to Austin. While Austin has undergone rapid growth and transformation, the percentage of the African American population has declined from over 14% in the 1990’s to 8.6% today. Many black artists feel they must leave Austin to develop their careers.
NPN Subsidy: $3,000

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FY11 Summer Community Fund Awards

In July 2010 NPN received a total of 14 applications and was able to fund the top six projects.

Alverno Presents
Title: Expansion of Heidi Latsky Dance Company Residency
Description: Build bridges with the Milwaukee disabled persons community by working with local dancers that will be performed as a prologue for NPN Residency “The Gimp Project.”
NPN Subsidy: $4700

Center for Community Arts Partnerships, Columbia College Chicago
Title: Creating Engaged Participation of Community Youth with M.U.G.A.B.E.E.
Description: Community youth and adults in Englewood public schools will participate in workshops and performances that will help African American youth gain a better appreciation of music, understand the historic context of musicians’ migration north in the 20th century, and encourage awareness of the role young of African American men in society.
NPN Subsidy: $4300

Title: Expansion of Universes Residency
Description: Universes will lead collaborative writing workshops with Meta-Four Houston mentors, high school students, and Latino students at MECA, which will allow greater access to young Latino students while providing a new pedagogical training and mentorship for local poet-mentors and artists.
NPN Subsidy: $4850

Links Hall
Title: Sign of the Sparrow: Expansion of Aiken/Hauser Creation Fund
Description: Over four months Aiken/Hauser will work with under-served high school visual arts students to introduce the terms and practices of improvisational dance in order to help them incorporate these terms into their visual art making.
NPN Subsidy: $3336

Performance Space 122
Title: Tim Miller Mentorship and East Village Queer Community Outreach
Description: Three young queer performing artists will participate in a program of professional mentorship with Tim Miller. In addition, PS122 will partner with Pride Goes East to build bridges to wider East Village queer communities, local businesses and other East Village neighbors in celebration of 30 years of queer performance art at PS122.
NPN Subsidy: $4800

Tigertail Productions
Title: Spoken Word Teen and Young Adult Development
Description: Further opportunities for writing, performance and career development for inner city teens and young adults through workshops that will focus on art and activism around environmental catastrophe.
NPN Subsidy: $4500

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FY10 Winter Community Fund Awards

In February 2010 NPN received a total of nine applications and was able to fund the top six projects.

The Carpetbag Theatre
Title: Homegrown
Description: The Carpetbag Theatre (CBT) will build upon the relationships developed during the NPN Annual Meeting and NPN Anniversary events in Knoxville by initiating a performance series called “Homegrown.” This series will focus on local artists featured at the NPN showcases and related events, such as the “Late Night” at the Emporium and gallery exhibitions. This series will continue to strengthen community support and touring opportunities for the artists engaged. The series will be housed at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens and Arboretum the site of CBT’s “Homecoming” event and a new partner for CBT.
NPN Subsidy: $4,570

Contemporary Arts Center
Title: Olive Dance Theatre Residency
Description: The Contemporary Arts Center will expand their upcoming residency with Olive Dance Theater of Philadelphia. The expanded residency will not only reach out to the young urban dance community of New Orleans but will also unearth original members of the New Orleans breakdance community, as well as conduct a workshop with community organizers, including Ashe Cultural Center, ArtSpot Productions, Mondo Bizarro, The 7th Ward Community Center and provide a performance exchange opportunity with the women of the Louisiana Correctional Institute.
NPN Subsidy: $4,600

Multi-Cultural Education and Counseling through the Arts
Title: Expansion of Jose Torres-Tama Creation Fund Project with Immigrant Communities
Description: MECA will present additional performances and activities of Jose Torres-Tama’s interdisciplinary work, Aliens, Immigrants and Other Evil-Doers, at off-site locations in Houston through collaboration with a local agency, Neighborhood Centers, Inc. This project will provide for greater community participation by allowing MECA to deliver the work to audiences with large immigrant populations.
NPN Subsidy: $5000

Myrna Loy Center
Title: Bringing an NPN Residency to Butte, MT and rural schools around Whitehall, MT
Description: The Myrna Loy Center will support the extended residency of TOV, Rosanna Gamson Dance’s new work, in Butte, MT and rural communities around Whitehall, MT. The residency will bring the dancers into contact with rural school children, local dancers and young dance and theater students in Butte, MT
NPN Subsidy: $3,400

Out North/VSA Arts of Alaska
Title: Outreach into the Hmong Community
Description: Minneapolis-based artists May Lee Yang, Thasoua Vang, & Robert Karimi, along with Anchorage-based teaching artist Ricky Vang will work with youth and adults within Anchorage’s Hmong and other refugee communities. This project will address common issues of concern within these rapidly-growing communities and give a voice to these underserved populations.
NPN Subsidy: $3,970

Pangea World Theater
Title: Refugee Nation: Expansion of Leilani Chan and Ova Saopeng’s Residency
Description: Artists Leilani Chan and Ova Saopeng will visit the Twin Cities two weeks prior to their upcoming residency at Pangea World Theater. They will work with local Lao and Hmong artists and help the local artists create their own performance pieces to be showcased at Pangea World Theater. They will also build awareness of Laotian history and current issues among Pangea’s audiences and bring the Laotian community together to embrace the arts and their own stories after nearly 35 years of silence.
NPN Subsidy: $3,400

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FY10 Summer Community Fund Awards

In July 2009 NPN received a total of 19 applications and was able to fund the top seven projects.

Asian Arts Initiative
Title: 2010 Artists Exchange Mini-Festival
Description: This project will enable two local artists to participate in a mini performance festival with six visiting artists from across the country. In addition to the residency activities, all eight artists will share in a four-day intensive Artists Exchange workshop retreat exploring the theme of Home and Homelessness. The result will be a new ensemble work-in-progress to be presented at the conclusion of the retreat, along with facilitated audience discussions, including community partner organizations working to impact homelessness in Philadelphia.
NPN Subsidy: $3,500

El Centro Su Teatro
Title: Arte and Action: Nuyorican Theater and Social Change
Description: El Centro Su Teatro will present Teatro Pregones in spring 2010. Su Teatro and Teatro Pregones (both NPN Partners) will work together to extend the social, political and cultural impact of the residency by offering a one day youth immigration summit, which will include a special roundtable for Su Teatro stakeholders and the Denver cultural community.
NPN Subsidy: $4,500

La Peña Cultural Center
Title: Lessons from Exile: Bridging Generations of Resistance
Description: In June 2010, La Peña will present a commissioned musical suite. Renowned storyteller, songwriter, and musician, Osvaldo Torres will participate in this production and will help La Peña engage diverse communities of multiple generations and cultural backgrounds. Born in Chile, Torres was a key cultural worker who helped to organize the end of the dictatorship in Chile and continues to work to fight international dictatorships. Torres was also a part of the solidarity movement in which La Peña was founded
NPN Subsidy: $4,250

Links Hall
Title: Sharon Bridgforth Links Hall Community Program
Description: In order to deepen the impact of Sharon Bridgforth’s upcoming NPN residency, Links Hall will convene a roving interdisciplinary performance laboratory. Selected from a public call for proposals, the group will consist of emerging performance artists, primarily female and trans queer-identified people of color. The program is designed to provide creative and professional mentorship with the ulimate goal of an interdisciplinary and intergenerational collaboration culminating in a new performance.
NPN Subsidy: $4,000

Sandglass Theatre Co.
Title: Exploring Accessibility and Disabilities in the Arts
Description: Lyena Strelkoff’s NPN residency in 2009 was so successful that many people in the community offered to help plan for her return. The result is a collaborative plan that is being developed by Strelkoff, Sandglass Theatre and representatives from local organizations. Lyena’s return residency will promote Sandglass Theatre’s work on diversity issues by integrating the planning process and resulting events across many organizations. Additionally, three benefit performances will provide funds to upgrade Sandglass Theatre’s accessibility.
NPN Subsidy: $4,250

South Dallas Cultural Center
Title: Expansion of Teo Castellanos 2-week Residency
Description: Teo Castellanos will work with juvenile ex-offenders in a 2-week long residency to create personal performance and spoken word pieces. The works will be presented before and after Castellanos’ performance residency, as a part of the South Dallas Cultural Center Evening of Spoken Word. The special performances will serve as the pilot for the Youth Out Loud! program which will launch in April, 2010. The project extends the SDCC Outreach Program to work with primarily Latino males, the fastest growing youth incarcerated population in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
NPN Subsidy: $3,500

Tigertail Productions
Spoken Word Teen Support
Description: Tigertail will engage inner city teens with its standout spoken word project, WordSpeak. The project will provide additional developmental and meaningful components which will coincide with our upcoming NPN residency with spoken word artist and activist Bobby LeFebre.
NPN Subsidy: $4,000

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FY09 Winter Community Fund Awards

Appalshop – Whiteburg, KY
Title: “Outreach to the African-American Population of Clincho, VA”
Description: Angelyn Debord, playwright, and Appalshop will build bridges between local communities and across racial divides through the sharing and performance of personal stories.
NPN Subsidy: $3,000

Museum of Contemporary Arts – Chicago, IL
Title: “gukurahundi”
Description: Nora Chipaumire will lead workshops with immigrant individuals who will be examining personal histories. Participants will be taped and the defining components resulting from the workshops will be presented in a public forum as part of the residency.
NPN Subsidy: $4,250

Multi-Cultural Education and Counseling Through the Arts (MECA) – Houston, TX
Title: “Concerto for Symphonic Orchestra and Mariachi”
Description: Through this project MECA and Elio Villafranca will adapt a NPN Creation Fund Project into a three-part concerto for an orchestra of 36 musicians, creating a contemporary, multicultural musical experience.
NPN Subsidy: $4,250

Pangea World Theater – Minneapolis, MN
Title: “Expansion of Kristina Wong Residency”
Description: Kristina Wong and Pangea will deepen their relationship with the Hmong community in the Twin cities; work with emerging immigrant artists, community leaders and nonprofit arts colleagues; and work in the classroom with students to help them develop and write their own performance pieces.
NPN Subsidy: $4,250

Tigertail Productions – Miami, FL
Title: “Able/Non-Able Area Artists Residency With National Artists”
Description: Tigertail will provide creative residencies, career advancement and training with AXIS Dance Company to local Miami dancers with disabilities. They will participate in the David Dorfman community performance component of the AXIS Dance residency.
NPN Subsidy: $4,250

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FY09 Summer Community Fund Awards

In July 2008 NPN received a total of 16 applications and was able to fund the top eight projects.

Asian Arts Initiative
Title: “Cooking Con Community” workshop series and production
Description: The Asian Arts Initiative is pleased to request NPN Community Fund support to enable us to engage local artists and community members to participate in a week-long intensive workshop series culminating in a “potluck performance” directed by visiting artist Robert Karimi building upon his “Cooking Con Karimi” Creation Fund residency.
NPN Subsidy: $4000

Title: House of Mind
Description: Expansion on Creation Fund and Presentation Residency – Pat and technical coordinator will come to Houston two weeks prior to the residency to work with local artists that will be part of the performance; engage with university and high school audiences to explore creative process; and work with local visual artist community to develop aspects of performance installation.
NPN Subsidy: $4000

Flynn Center for the Performing Arts
Title: Expansion of Dan Froot “Who’s Hungry” Residency
Description: Dan will visit our community in advance of his residency, and will talk with food-insecure residents, as well as staff of the agencies which serve the food-insecure. Agencies include COTS (Committee on Temporary Shelter), JUMP (Joint Urban Ministries Project), the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf, and VCECH (VT Campaign to End Childhood Hunger), three of which organizations the Flynn will be working with for the first time. Dan will also create a multimedia prelude about food insecurity in VT to be presented before the “Who’s Hungry” performances in October.
NPN Subsidy: $4000

Miami Dade College
Title: Hula on the Beach with Keo Woolford
Description: We are requesting support for a community invigorating residency with Keo Woolford in the fall prior to his Performance residency in March of /09. We are looking to bridge a gap with three specific communities: The Pacific Islander community, the dance community of Miami Dade College; & Dance students of Miami Beach Sr High . We will host two workshops with each community group within their own space and as a culminating event we will unite all workshop participants with a final class on Miami Beach.
NPN Subsidy: $4000

Myrna Loy Center/Helena Presents
Title: Dancing in the Discourse
Description: During the residency for NECESSARY BEAUTY, Bebe Miller’s new work, the Montana Legislature is in session. The Myrna Loy Center would like to expand the residency to include 6 special events around legislative and state government activities to bring dance into the governmental halls and to engage state workers and legislators in experiencing dance residency activities involving young Helena dancers and members of Bebe Miller’s company
NPN Subsidy: $5000

The Theater Offensive
Title: Translation of materials for Nut/Cracked by David Parker and The Bang Group
Description: The NPN Community Fund grant would support the translation and printing of postcards and program books for Nut/Cracked into Chinese and Spanish, tapping into two ethnic specific neighborhoods adjacent to the theater. The grant would also support space rental and food for gatherings for these folks before the show so that they can be welcomed into the theater in ways that are culturally and linguistically appropriate.
NPN Subsidy: $4000

VSA/Out North
Home & The American Dream Mythology
Description: Jose Torres Tama will work with local emerging artists (visual, performing, poets, etc) from various marginalized communities , as well as high-school aged youth artists in Homer and Anchorage, to develop two multi-generational community exhibit/performances in Out North’s art gallery & Homer’s Bunnell Street Arts Center called “Home & The American Dream Mythology.” The focus/theme of the work is on the concept of home, the physical home, the spiritual home, and the psychic home as a means to cope with the identity crises and challenges that displaced people face in their adopted environments.
NPN Subsidy: $5000

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The Community Fund is made possible by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts (a federal agency), the MetLife Foundation, and the Nathan Cummings Foundation.

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