Artist Engagement Fund

The Artist Engagement Fund increases artist mobility, models equitable artist fees, and centers community engagement through thex support of artist’s fees for artistic activity taking place in NPN/VAN Partner communities.

As of July 1, 2017, the Artist Engagement Fund replaces the NPN Performance Residency and VAN Exhibition Residency. One fund is available to NPN and VAN Partners per Fiscal Year. 

Artist Mobility

Mobility is at the heart of the Artist Engagement Fund. NPN/VAN continues to support and advocate for greater opportunities for artists to move their work throughout the country. Recognizing that creating opportunities for artists to be presented in their own communities can be critical to cultivating and building a national career, the Artist Engagement Programs offers Partners the flexibility to work with local, regional, national or Mexico-based artists.

Modeling Equitable Artist Fees, While Respecting Relative Economies

In order to ensure artists are paid equitable fees, the Artist Engagement Fund has a minimum fee structure that projects must meet in order to be eligible. However, Partners and artists will have flexibility to structure projects and fees according to their needs, including paying artists more than the NPN/VAN minimum artist’s rates.

Centering Community Engagement

Recognizing that true community engagement is deep, multifaceted, and reciprocal, there is no restriction on the maximum length of an Artist Engagement. Partners will describe how Artist Engagement projects intend to develop meaningful engagement between communities, artists, and presenters, which is central to the Artist Engagement Fund.

Artist Engagement Funds are open to NPN and VAN Partners. Open to artists of any disciple as long the project includes a live experiential exchange between artists and community, which can take any format such as a public presentation, performance, gallery exhibition, community residency, etc. Community Engagement is central to each project. Partners must pay minimum artist fees (see guidelines below for more information) and attach a signed artist contract reflecting fees. Artists should be in Partner’s communities a minimum of four days. There are no limitations on the maximum length of projects.

NPN/VAN Partners may applications by logging into the NPN/VAN Partner portal. Guidelines and Sample Application for reference only:

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