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New Orleans Local Program

NPN/VAN engages locally while acting nationally and internationally, and is committed to sharing its resources with its home community — smaller art organizations and artists of New Orleans. Direct support is available through its Local Network and Fiscal Sponsorship. Since 2011 when NPN inaugurated the practice and principles underlying its local involvement as a fiscal sponsor and intermediary partner, 43 projects have benefited from NPN/VAN’s services. This number continues to grow while reflecting the incessant need of this type of support concerning infrastructure and capacity for the critical work happening in New Orleans. NPN/VAN also responded to the needs of its nationally supported artists and offers fiscal sponsorship to artists outside of New Orleans. In addition to its National Subsidy Programs, NPN/VAN supports the complete trajectory of an artist’s body of work as well as career.

The Local Network is an intentional learning community working with small, emerging arts organizations in peer-to-peer exchanges, built on a framework that encourages collaboration among the projects and other community partners. The Local Network offers technical assistance, educating artists and staff about planning, financial management, and resource development. The Local Network’s goals are to encourage these organizations to develop effective management and planning tools; become familiar and comfortable with standard fiscal controls; successfully seek grants and contributions; develop good governance structures; and be powerful advocates on their own behalf in local and state policy arenas.

Fiscal Sponsorship provides nonprofit status and financial and administrative services to artists and artist collectives. By managing sponsorships, NPN/VAN offers accessibility so that artists gain experience with, and support through, formal granting systems and private giving that provide financial stability to artists while they practice their art. We are proud to offer fiscal sponsorship to local and national artists and collectives. For more information, contact Steffani Clemons at

Navigate to the “Members & Partners” section of this website to see a listing of Local Network and fiscally sponsored organizations and projects.

Arts Estuary 1024 is a multi-tenant arts facility at 1024 Elysian Fields Avenue in New Orleans that offers office space, rooms for meetings or events, and parking. AE 1024 is home to NPN/VAN’s national offices and other New Orleans’ cultural organizations.


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