Asia Exchange

The Asia Exchange projects are U.S./Korea Connection and U.S./Japan Connection, and are loosely modeled on NPN’s Performing Americas Program.


  • To create opportunities for the free flow of artists and ideas across international boundaries;
  • To build knowledge by fostering more awareness of different world cultures, and by contributing to the intercultural understanding of difference; and
  • To promote and facilitate artistic creativity and cultural innovations that link artists globally.

Knowledge Building

Building knowledge about different cultures and the local performing arts community is central to the NPN International Program.  To this end, NPN supports reciprocal international curatorial travel to provide the selected curators with the opportunities to make connections, learn about each other’s cultures and see live work in its context so they can make choices that are relevant to their audiences.

Artistic Exchange

The structure of the program is based on a curatorial system and each year, the selected curators travel to each others’ countries to see work and each group selects an artist/company that will tour to three or more cities in the U.S., South Korea, or Japan. The international tours are modeled on the NPN national touring residencies which have a community residency component and on the NPN fee structure that guarantees a fair income and is non-negotiable.

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The U.S./Korea Connection is funded in part by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the Korea Arts Management Service.

The U.S./Japan Connection is funded in part by the Center for Global Partnerships, a Division of the Japan Foundation, the U.S./Japan Cultural Trade Network, and by the Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission.

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