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International Program Profiles

Below are links to profiles of projects in the International Program.

Title: The Light across Waters
Sha Cage, Curator, Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis
Subsidy: U.S./Japan Connection

January 2017

Title: The City of the Future
Performing Americas at Cena Contemporanea International Festival in Brasilia
Subsidy: Performing Americas Program

January 2017

Title: Sowing the Seeds of Return
Nick Slie, Co Founder and Co-Artistic Director
Mondo Bizarro, New Orleans
Subsidy: U.S./Japan Connection

June 2016

Title: Notes on the Research Trip to Chicago and Austinin Austin
Sachie Tanaka
Dance Box, Kobe Japan
Subsidy: U.S./Japan Connection

September 2015

Title: Developing an Asian Network
Marie Casmir, NPN Partner Curator
Associate Director, Links Hall
Subsidy: U.S./Japan Connection

April 2015

Title: “Play Ball Kyoto” Hits it Out of the Park!link to profile "Play Ball Kyoto"
Artist: Allison Orr
Subsidy: U.S./Japan Connection

November 2014

TitleNora Chipaumire Brings the Heat to KyotoNora-Chipaumire
Artist: Nora Chipaumire
Subsidy: U.S./Japan Connection

August 2014

Title: The Ecology of a Dance CompanyCompanhia Urbana de Dança
Artist: Companhia Urbana de Dança
Subsidy: Performing Americas Program

March 2014

Title: Observations on a New PerformanceObservations on a New Performance
Artist:  Faifai
Subsidy: U.S./Japan Connection Tour

February 2014

Title: A Perspective on U.S. Dance
Ritsuko Mizuno, Artistic DirectorJCDN in US Ritsuko Mizuno
Japan Contemporary Dance Network
Subsidy: U.S./Japan Connection Curatorial Trip

June 2013

Title: US/Japan Connection, Spring 2013
Subsidy: U.S./Japan Connection Curatorial Trip

April 2013

Title: Digging Deep into Mexico’s Experimental Music Scene
Artist:  Chris Cogburn
Subsidy: PAP Creative Exchange Residency

February 2013

Title: If it’s Tuesday, it Must Be Beppufrom Beppu arcade exhibit, photo by Kyoto Yoshida
Subsidy: U.S./Japan Connection Curatorial Trip

January 2013

Title: Buendia, Chicago!
Artist:  Grupo Teatro Buendía of Havana, Cuba
Subsidy:  PAP Creative Exchange

November 2012

Title: NPN Delegation Visits Seoul
Subsidy:  International Program Curatorial Trip

May 2011

Performing Americas Project
Jan Sebon
Creative Exchange in Haiti

March 2011

Performing Americas Project
Chile Exchange 2010
Curators’ Trip
photo courtesy of Teatro en el Blanco

April 2010

Performing Americas Project
Artists: Los Angeles Poverty Department
La Escuela de Arte y Talentos in Cochabomba, Bolivia
Title: Agentes y Activos
Subsidy: month-long Creative Exchange Residency
photos courtesy of Henriëtte Brouwers

October 2009

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Funding provided by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation and, for Los Angeles artists and arts organizations, the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs.

The U.S./Korea Connection is funded in part by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the Korea Arts Management Service.

The U.S./Japan Connection is funded in part by the Center for Global Partnerships, a Division of the Japan Foundation, the U.S./Japan Cultural Trade Network, and by the Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission.

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